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Mick Schumacher emotional after a lap in his dad's glorious Ferrari F2004

Formula 2 driver and Michael Schumacher's son Mick Schumacher had a lap in Hockenheim in his father's Ferrari F2004, just before Formula 1 German GP's qualifying.

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Mick Schumacher emotional after a lap in his dad's glorious Ferrari F2004
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It was an incredible moment for the German fans here in Hockenheim, as Mick Schumacher drove one of the most iconic and most dominant Formula 1 car of all time, the Ferrari F2004. Current Prema's F2 driver had a chance at his father's car for an exhibition lap in front of his home crowd. The 20-years-old already had a chance to try out other old and new Formula 1 car as the Benetton B194 and the Ferrari 2019, so he also had the opportunity to make some comparisons between different generations of cars.

"It was great. Amazing to drive the car around here. It was my dad’s seat and everything fitted perfectly", Schumacher said. "I’ve been able to now witness 10 years apart now, so 1994, 2004 and 2019 one. In general, I think the development between 1994 and 2004 was a huge step, and obviously as well as now again an even bigger step. But to be able to drive a V10 and feel how that one behaved and sound, obviously was something very special."

It was a very emotional moment also for all the Germans in the grandstands: "People asked me if I could hear them, but I said the V10 engine was a bit loud so it was hard for me to hear them. It was an emotional experience. It was like going out of the pit lane and coming into the pit lane, I never lost the smile. So it was always on my face, I was always smiling, it was pretty cool."

Speaking about his career, last year after half of the season Mick's F3 European Championship performances skyrocketed. Does he expect to also happen in F2? "F2 is a bit different than F3. In F3 we also had some unlucky moment at the beginning of the year. Similar situation now, but in F2 we have a different schedule. We have a practice, 40 min quali, race 1, and then the race 1 results are obviously going to go into race 2. So it’s like difficult if you have a bad race or something happens in race 1, it most likely will affect all weekend. In F3, qualifying was always the sideways start, it made things a bit easier cause even if you had a bad race 1 you were able to catch up the points in race 2 or race 3."

So what's Mick Schumacher target for 2nd part of the season? "Try to collect as many points and try to show the real pace that we have, cause I think that the points don’t reflect what we actually are able and what are we capable of doing." He then concluded about his adaptation path with Pirelli F2 tyres: "They are, I think in someway more difficult than F1 tyres. Cause we have no tyre blankets and we have cold graining and everything so that’s in many ways a bit more difficult to kinda get used to and to understand."

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