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How Hamilton's security operates in the paddock

You rarely have access to the details of the things that very little is spoken within the F1 Paddock, this time we talked with a member of the security body of the five-time world champion, he shared details of how and where he is closely guarded, I am sure you will be surprised just like us.

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How Hamilton's security operates in the paddock
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In the F1 Paddock happen many things, that most of us find out about later or that do not even come to light. It is a reality that very little or nothing is heard about the security measures in the paddock and even less is written about the personal safety measures of the main actors of the F1 circus, the drivers.

I know we all understand that the safety of an elite athlete, who charges millions and millions of euros per year as Lewis Hamilton has to be a natural part of his daily routine, the Briton is also an athlete who attracts entire crowds wherever he goes and that cannot be controlled by any security body, Lewis has like no other pilot in the paddock a security body that accompanies him on all sides. Not to mention he is the only driver who is escorted until Friday meetings with the other drivers and security guards wait for you when you cross the door, while watching with sagacity and discretion outside the room.

Lewis is escorted and taken care of by a security team that is capable of going unnoticed by all of us, most of us would naively think that he is escorted only in transfers between airports, hotels and circuits that are the ones that represent the utmost danger, but Lewis is constantly taken care of a man of color, approximately 1.85m which is its shadow, is responsible for assembling and leading a whole team of escorts of the highest level that modifies the situation and place, makes you feel or go unnoticed. If you observe Lewis' connections in public places or even the F1 paddock can how "Carlos" always appears, if Lewis is in trouble with his fans, he will always have to solve any potential risk. In the paddock when you want to know where Lewis is at that moment, just look for Carlos and you will know if Lewis is in hospitality or anywhere else, he always waits outside where his boss is.

Among the common tasks of a Grand Prix weekend for a Motorlat envoy and any media outlet is looking for little-known stories, having managed to speak with one of Lewis's security team members was enlightening, Hamilton en every moment is well guarded and "Carlos" is a bodyguard who is trained to take care of the five-time world champion as if it were a head of state, travelling in his private plane along with the nearest team and the family or companions of Lewis, to each place they go and depending on the place to visit is the work and the preparation to be carried out, according to Carlos's words, the countries where more is monitored and with more elements are Bahrain, Brazil and Mexico, the reasons are Obviously, as many people do not know who he is and if you are in a place close to where the five-time champion is, you have already been closely watched and even in an oversight they already asked you if you are pe journalist or what is the reason why you are there.

"Carlos" also shared that Lewis does not like the harassment of people, understand harassment when one or more fans run towards him and the euphoria breaks loose. He told me that if you want to approach Lewis to take a picture with him the best is to approach you calmly, you also have the explicit order to clear the path of the British pilot when there are too many people on the Lewis route, in the photo that I will share below you can witness how he does his job, a job not easy when it comes of a worldwide sports and public figure.



Here we see Carlos in action, subtly (and sometimes not so much) is withdrawing people who try to interrupt Hamilton's walk.

He did not want to answer the question but I do not doubt that Carlos is always armed, because in every day I saw him he was wearing a jacket / jacket that did not let him check it, but if you wear a light jacket at a temperature of 28 degrees I do not think it is cold . What he did confirm to me is that in the countries with potential danger, the security team led by Carlos is armed and in armored vans, in Brazil it is where more precautions and forecasts are made due to the background that happened in the past years, we had To end our talk because Lewis left the Media Center, talking with some people who are part of the Grand Prix organization told me that Lewis Hamilton was the only driver they had seen with this type of personal security even in the Paddock, they are the teams those who handle security elements as well as the organizers of each Grand Prix, all have security but are more focused on the control and safety of the team, Lewis Hamilton is today the most careful and guarded driver around the world among all the pilots of the current F1.

You may also be interested in the original article in Spanish, written by Yhacbec Lopez: https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/12519/asi-opera-el-cuerpo-de-seguridad-de-lewis-hamilton

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