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SF70H “Gina” the Sleepy Hollow vs. 312B "Blade Runner"

It´s yesterday news, still it lingers. The reliability issues knocking on Ferrari´s door for the third race in a row compromised chances of Sebastian Vettel winning the championship this season. The German driver and his Ferrari SF70H "Gina" retiring from the race only by lap four, became every “Tifosi” Sunday´s nightmare. By contrast, the "Futuristic" 312B Prototype brought glory to the Italian squad. A documentary realeased last weekend worldwide tells the story of the car that stood on top for over a decade making racing history.

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SF70H “Gina” the Sleepy Hollow vs. 312B "Blade Runner"
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In a perfect world, Vettel and Hamilton should be battling head-to-head for the lead of the championship, but where one wins another must loose. Hamilton produced a performance good enough to win the Japanese Grand Prix for the third time, extending the race lead to 59 points.

As Sebastial Vettel himself expressed, "...it's like that sometimes and of course it hurts and I'm disappointed, but now it's important to get some rest and give my all for the last four races and see what happens."  "We still have a chance this year, obviously it's not as much in our control as we like but overall I think the team is in a good way.

Vettel resumed it accordingly. Facts are clear, there´s still a chance for Ferrari and it´s clear that alongside the lack of reliability came improvement. The car is faster and closer to Mercedes pace as it had never been, so far this season.

It all would have to come together for the German driver to turn things around and something would have to go wrong for Lewis Hamilton in order for Vettel to close the gap on the championship point deficit, with four races remaining to the end of the season.

Winning the world championship is the goal to be accomplished by the Ferrari SF70H, though the team title expectations were shaken after Suzuka. Vettel´s driving abilities create no doubt. The German driver is putting up a hard-battle and he has a shot no matter what. But the youngest world champion to date is not battling alone.

Scuderia Ferrari is the biggest racing team ever, producing the extraordinary number of 15 World Championship winning drivers.

The squad based in Maranello, Italy, has been through many ups and down since its first appearance in the Formula One series back in 1950.

The victorious, passionate racing team knows the challenge in overcoming the current issues is key to achieve the main goal.

IN REVIEW: Ferrari 312B “Where the revolution begins”

The extraordinary history behind the Italian squad can help ignite the spark in times of adversity.

A documentary about the so called “work of art Ferrari 312B prototype has been released last weekend in Italy. “Where the revolution begins” is directed by Andrea Marini and tells the story behind the first “flat engine” in racing history.

The Ferrari 312B was born back in 1970 by the hand of engineer and chief designer, Mauro Forghieri.

The legendary car, featuring a V12power unit, horizontally opposed cylinder engine, is a masterpiece that only a few notable drivers had the privilege of driving.

The film cast includes high profile figures testimonies including, Clay Regazzoni, Niki Lauda, Jackie Stewart, Jacky Ickx, Gerhard Berger, Damon Hill, Mauro Forghieri, Nigel Roebuck, Bob Costanduros, Giorgio Terruzzi, Paolo Barilla, Luca Barilla.

Watch the trailer here: 312B Ferrari

The Ferrari SF70H seems to be distant from the memorable prototype which once reigned Formula One.

Ferrari last world championship has been won by a 28-year-old Kimi Raikkonen back in 2007, driving the Ferrari F2007 (V8 engine) designed by Aldo Costa and Nicholas Tombazis.

The Ferrari SF70H was named as such to mark the Scuderia Ferrari's 70th anniversary, with a V6 turbocharged engine, the car is designed by Mattia Binotto, Simone Resta and Enrico Cardile.

The start of the season showed a promising future for the SF70H, wining the first race of 2017, the Australian Grand Prix.

Now and after suffering three retirements, the Asian rounds left a bittersweet impression.

The car was dominant in Singapore, faster in Malaysia and extremely competitive in Japan but the lack of reliability took the team by storm.

Next weekend, Formula One arrives in Austin, Texas for the USA Grand Prix, followed by the Mexican Grand Prix, the Brazilian Grand Prix to finally arrive in Abu Dhabi for the end of the season.

Let´s see what the future holds for Scuderia Ferrari but one thing is for certain, it´s not over till it´s over.

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