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Schumacher. 50.

To celebrate Michael Schumacher's 5oth birthday we got in touch with Reiner Ferling, chairman of the Michael and Mick Schumacher fan club in Kerpen. We talked about the hero, the fan club, the support to the family and Mick Schumacher's future.

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Schumacher. 50.
Fuente imagen: Reiner Ferling

Today is Michael Schumacher's 50th birthday. Considered to be one of the greatest drivers of all times, Michael has had an extraordinary life, from his humble origins in Kerpen to breaking most of the important records in F1. To celebrate this special day, we got in touch with Reiner Ferling, chairman of the Michael and Mick Schumacher Fan club from kerpen, Schumacher's hometown. We talked about the idol, the first German driver to achieve a F1 championship, the fan club, the support to the family, Sebastian Vettel's present in Ferrari and Mick Schumacher's future.

When did the fan club begin supporting Michael? How would you describe all this journey?

I myself have been a big fan of Michael since 1994. The fanclub supports Michael since 2000, in 2012 I became chairman of the Michael Schumacher fanclub. During this time we have organized many Formula 1 trips for the members, events such as public viewings, fan meetings with other fan clubs and much more. It was an exciting and eventful time.

What's been the role of the fan club over the last five difficult years? Can you tell us about the different activities you have organized to show him and his family the support from his fans? Are you in contact with the family?

The day of the accident is always remembered! Some recovery actions were started: In Kerpen, on Michael's kart track, there are 400 recovery wishes in the form of T-shirts, caps and banners. I had called for the action, then I received about 400 packages from all over the world with recovery wishes, all of which are still hanging on the kart track today.
A banner was made, from the German football club "1. FC Köln" and Michael Schumacher Fan Club, with the writing "gute Besserung Michael", it is 13 meters long. The banner was turned 360 degrees by the players in the stadium at the match 1 FC Köln- FC Schalke o4 before the match. That was pure goose bumps.
We have a special Facebook page, Michael and Mick Schumacher Fan Club Kerpen e.V. birthday.There everyone can leave birthday wishes, they will be burned by us on a CD, then sent to Switzerland to Michael.
We have contact to the Schumacher family via Sabine Kehm, whom we would never use for private purposes. It is a contact in mutual respect for privacy. We would never ask questions about Michael's state of health!

You have had the privilege to know Michael more closely in his hometown far away from F1's spotlight. What is he like? A couple of years ago some fans shared anecdotes which talk about a nice and generous man. is there any anecdote you would like to share?

After his active racing career we got to know Michael as a real family man on the old kart track in Kerpen Manheim, he was usually there with the whole family when Mick drove kart. He was always totally relaxed and cheerful. Often the family would sit at our next table over lunch. He even tapped my wife a beer for me once, we had some nice memories

Michael broke all the possible records a driver could break. In your opinion, what was so special about him that lead him to the unbelievable 7 championships and 91 victories?

Michael was always a perfectionist, victories were an addiction for him - even in small things: Even in the German board game "Mensch ärgere dich nicht" Michael was determined to win. Already as a child he discovered his passion for fast karting. His ambition, self-discipline and determination are attributes that have helped him on his way to unique successes. He not only proved his driving skills, but also knew exactly how cars work.

Michael was the first german driver to win a F1 championship and the only one to have done so until Sebastian Vettel. He surely was an influential figure among young kids. Now, 14 years after his last championship, is he still a role model for young german drivers?

A role model not only for German drivers, for every driver, because they know how possessed and motovated as Michael Schumacher was. The unconditional will to win was in the foreground. This is the only way to become F 1 World Champion.

The fan club supports Mick as well and his name was even included in the name of the club. He seems to be a very calm and down-to-earth young man who is taking the learning process seriously. What can you tell us about him?

I can remember Hockenheim, there he became F 3 champion, he came to our fan club, we thanked him, he signed our banner. He is a reserved young man who knows what he wants, his ambition is F 1, when? This question remains unanswered.

Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari. Seb is probably one of Michael's greatest fans and he started his karting career in kerpen, his move to Ferrari was linked to his childhood dream of winning in red like his hero. However, he has struggled a lot to deliver. Do you think he will manage to do with Ferrari what Michael did?
He can do anything, next year will be a fateful year. A new driver colleague, who is also fast. Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen, that will be difficult, but not impossible. He definitely has the chance to become world champion with Ferrari

If a young F1 fan asks you about Michael. What would you tell him/her?

A role model for every motor sportsman. A person who has reached his goal to become F 1 world champion by hard work. A person who loves his family above all else, who has always protected his family, today protects the Michael family.A perfectionist down to the smallest detail. A role model for many people.

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