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Charles Leclerc's innate leadership skills

Charles Leclerc has raced twice with Ferrari so far, yet he seems to be the guide and the backbone of the team, following Bahrain's unfortunate epilogue.

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Charles Leclerc's innate leadership skills
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An impressive performance from Leclerc left the whole F1 community speechless, as he demolished a bunch of records and his teammate at his second race with Ferrari.

What is really striking from the 21-year-old is the mindset and the positive influence he can exercise on the Italian outfit. Charles Leclerc has the uncanny ability to lead the team, despite being their latest acquisition. The post-race team radio provides us with serious evidence, as he sounded discouraged but still enhanced the positives out of the race at Sakhir.
Ferrari’s competitiveness is enlisted within those, but beating a veteran on equal machinery has to be first and foremost for Leclerc.
The Monegasque delivered on promise at his second race with Ferrari, as he successfully matched the expectations following interminable months of speculation. As Hamilton said, Leclerc has a long future ahead but if he was ready, why not show the world? A very mature drive and behaviour was his display, which left the whole paddock in awe. Some were cautious prior to his debut, stating that Ferrari’s priority had to be protecting him from any external factor that would come in his way and could potentially cause detriment. But Leclerc stands out with his strong mind, he acts as if he was born at the wheel of Ferrari, not only on the track but also off the track. You can tell he has already bonded with the whole team, also thanks to his innate skills as a leader. And this must not be underestimated, because it shows exactly why Ferrari decided it was not too soon to give him a seat at this point of his career.
Plus, he did not seem to be cracking under pressure, he looked relaxed from the pre-race to the end. When a crowd of journalists and photographers surrounded him as he was trying to have a moment before the race start, he seemed to enjoy it.
His presence also comes handy with the junior talent pool called Ferrari Driver Academy. Leclerc was the first and only driver to get the call-up from Ferrari, which was definitely a positive sign from the Maranello-based team, meaning that someone is watching from the high places and will eventually pick whoever is deserving of an opportunity.
 Leclerc embodies Ferrari’s new era, having become the youngest podium and pole position scorer for the Prancing Horse. And as the season goes on, he will keep on breaking down doors and shattering glass ceilings through his talent and astonishing maturity, with that salty hint of pride as it emerges from the timing of his overtake on Vettel in Bahrain.
Leclerc brilliantly recovered from his poor race start, but he was then told to wait for two laps before passing his teammate. As we could hear from the team radio, he stated that he was clearly quicker than the German, and overtook him after just one lap. The Monegasque diminished the issue after the race, because it was just evident that he was going for the win, regardless of the identity of his opponent and was just reclaiming P1, which he felt belonged to him.

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