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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Shanghai

The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Shanghai

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Shanghai
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Ladies and gentleman, welcome to a new edition of the most epic radio show of all time: Formula 1 Radio! For this brand new episode, the whole Formula 1 Paddock moved to Shanghai, in China, and we are pretty sure that someone was trying to boycott us and our radio communications!!

Kvyat behind now.”
Lance Stroll - *engine sounds* 
You are pressing radio instead of energy.” (Race)

Ah, no. It was just Lance Stroll. Do I need to say more? 

Sebastian Vettel - “I don’t know what the Force India is doing.”
We are reporting it.”
Sebastian Vettel - “Well, you don’t need to report, he can do what he wants, but… it’s just that they raise hard on Friday than they do on Sunday.” (FP2)

Well, thanks Sebastian, we appreciate your opinion, but we have a show and we need team radios!

To Alexander Albon - “Adjust microphone position if you can on the straights.” (Race)

Oh, thank you, Toro Rosso. We have a feeling that the boycotters are… our drivers!

Formula 1 Radio can reveal shocking truths, and if our drivers refuse to collaborare, there are others in the Paddock who are trying to entertain us as well..

To Lando Norris - “Okay, first car ahead, he’s on a timed lap, he’s Hulken… Hulkenberg, no. Yeah, his name is Hulkenberg, he’s in turn 4. (he laughs) He’s on a timed lap, he’s 31 seconds back.” (FP2)

One thing is for sure: if the drivers won’t collaborate with us, their engineers sure will!
They either talk too much or.. not at all, everything to make our drivers say something.

Charles Leclerc - “Can you maybe tell me, on the next starts, tell me before I leave,  can go now or car coming because it is very difficult to see the exit.” (FP1)

Charles Leclerc - “It’s a joke about traffic.” (Q1)

Sergio Perez - “Do we have a lighter tube to drink? The one that I have is quite stiff.”
“Understood Checo, we’ll do what we can.” (Pre Race)

Lando Norris - “Am I gonna be behind Stroll or ahead of Stroll?”
“Lando you should ahead of Stroll.” (Formation Lap)

I think there is no better duo than Land Norris and his engineer!

Another epic duo that is going to give us a lot to talk about is formed by Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel. From last year announcement, everybody talked about the role the Leclerc would have play in the team: second driver, Sebastian’s soldier, team player, or just free to fight his new team mate. 
Well, if you were waiting for fire between them, it’s already here. 

Here’s the Seb and Charles Saga: Who is faster than who? 

The story takes place during the Chinese Grand Prix. As soon as the race started, two red dressed boys started running to catch two very, very fast things: two Silver Arrows. The Red dressed boys had to give their everything to catch them and were closely following each other, with the youngest leading the oldest, until something happened. The oldest found out he could be the faster, he could catch the Silver Arrows alone! 

Verstappen two seconds behind, can you go faster?
Sebastian Vettel - “I think I can.” (Race)
How fast can you go? We need to push now.
Sebastian Vettel - “Yeah, I’m trying to get closer.” (Race)

The youngest believed he was the fastest one, so he challenged the oldest.

We need to go faster, other way we’ll let Sebastian pass.”
Charles Leclerc - “Let’s see if he can, but okay.” (Race)

Let Sebastian by.”
Charles Leclerc - “But I’m coming now, I’m pulling away.” (Race)

No matter how he tried to hold him, the wise old guys passed him.

Charles Leclerc -“And now… anyway..”
We do our job, stay focus.” (Race)

Charles Leclerc - “I’m losing both I don’t know where do you want to go, but just to let you know.”
We are discussing that.” (Race)

The discussions went on, the boys fought, but there was nothing they could do: once again, they couldn’t catch the Silver Arrows. Will they make it in the next GP? Only time will tell. 

Sebastian Vettel - “We had it! We had it! We know why though.” (Q3)

But now, the moment we were all waiting for, our special Hit Parade!

Since our drivers are refusing to collaborate with us (Fernando send help), we’ve decided to change the Hit Parade with something more.. appropriate. 

This is the Special Hit Parade: What the F**K are you saying on the radio?

Obviously who could start this special edition if not Kevin Magnussen? 

He already proved he is a bad boy, and with his team mate Romain Grosjean, is one of the bad boys of the grid.

Kevin Magnussen - “What the f**k.”
Yeah, i saw it. Not good.” (FP2) 

Kevin Magnussen - “Yeah, f**k.” (Q1)

And this is just the start.

Kimi Raikkonen - “What the f**k was he doing? He almost hit me, yeah, here in the middle of the straight, I was on the left inside. He almost hit me on purpose.” (FP3)

Even the youngest of the grid wanted to be part of the chart. 

You need to go now.
Max Verstappen - “Oh, mate, f**k! I’m finished, right?
We are finished.
Max Verstappen - “Yes, that’s… f**k honestly! They were sliding up, everybody just f**ked it up!” (Q3)

Charles Leclerc - “F*******k! C’mon Charles, argh f*********k! C’mon F*********, f***k,  stupid, f***k! Stupid!” (Q3)

Blue flag Leclerc.
Romain Grosjean - “How the f**k can I race?” (Race)

Good race.
Romain Grosjean - “Good job everyone. F*****k! F******K!” (Chequered flag)

And the one who started this special chat is also the one who tops it. 

Kevin Magnussen - “F**k!
You didn’t make it. 
Kevin Magnussen - *ten seconds of censored team radio message*
Sorry mate.” (Q3)

Ten seconds of censored words we will never hear. What a shame. 
At least you won something, Kev. 

And that was everything from Shanghai. We hope you loved the show!
Stick with us and let’s see you in Baku. 
Nǐ hǎo from China! 

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