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Haas: qualifying pace vs. race pace

Haas drivers complain about race pace of VF-19.

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Haas: qualifying pace vs. race pace
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After three Grand Prix of the season there is some concreteness about leaders of the peloton, where the absolute leader is Mercedes at the current moment. As for midfield, there is more close battle between teams. So, for now Renault, Alfa Romeo and Haas can be named the three top midfield teams.

Despite the good results and high positions in the standings, every of these teams still has a lot of technical issues. Renault has a big problem with reliability of both cars, that’s why Renault drivers had DNFs in the last three races. Alfa Romeo has engine issues. And Haas also has quite ambiguous beginning of the season.

So, the main problem of the team is a race pace. After the finish of Chinese GP the Haas drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen complained about the lack of pace on Sunday.

“I was a bit worried, to be fair, before the start as our race pace hasn't been amazing all weekend. The car's amazing over one lap, but as soon as we go two laps on the tyres, we're not there anymore. We need to understand exactly what happened”, - Romain said.


It is particularly interesting that in quali both drivers do excellent job: in the previous three races Roman and Kevin regularly moved in Q3. However, every time on Sunday they have nothing from Saturday’s pace.

But the lack of pace isn’t the only one problem for Haas. The team also has some troubles with reliability, that’s why Grosjean still has no one point due to two retires – in Australia and Bahrain.

As for Constructors standing Haas takes the 6th place with 8 points. The main rivals of Haas Renault and Alfa take 4th and 5th, with 12 points. However, there is McLaren that also has 8 points and follows Haas in the standing.

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