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Toto Wolff: we’re not in the right place to comment what is happening in Ferrari

The principles Toto Wolff and Christian Horner about how to manage two drivers.

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Toto Wolff: we’re not in the right place to comment what is happening in Ferrari
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The one of the latest actual topics in Formula 1 is a Ferrari team orders and the battle between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. Their main rivals Mercedes and Red Bull can use this chance of a restless situation in the team, but obviously they themselves have been in the same situation, and even don’t know Ferrari philosophy to judge their approach and decisions.

“From my standpoint, we’ve been quoted a lot about the Ferrari situation and I don’t think it’s right. We are not in the right place to comment from the sidelines about what is happening in Ferrari. What I can say is that we have been in a situation with Nico and Lewis that was tricky to manage at times, and equally not easy with Valtteri and Lewis, because two drivers that want to win races and do have the potential to win championship, that can be conflicting interests sometimes, and you just need to talk about it”.

Christian Horner said that it’s easy to work with the system of the “number one and number two drivers”, but it’s not about Red Bull. And that’s why we saw a huge crash of Max and Daniel last year in Baku, but it’s about Red Bull’s philosophy to give drivers the same opportunities.

“I think the different teams have different philosophies. Arguably having a very clearly defined number one and number two driver is almost easier to work with. That isn’t our philosophy at Red Bull. We allow the drivers to race and sometimes that can be uncomfortable, as we saw 12 months ago here in Azerbaijan. But the philosophy that we’re always had is to give both guys the same opportunity and let them establish who is the lead driver in the track”.

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