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Azerbaijan GP: Saturday summary

The review on Saturday events in Baku.

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Azerbaijan GP: Saturday summary
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Two days of Azerbaijan GP were more entertaining than the whole season. Absolutely unpredictable qualifying events and quite predictable results. Mercedes is lucky again; Ferrari lost the speed that had for all days.

The porridge man from Mercedes came back! Pole and new track record – it seems Valtteri Bottas is going to get a redemption after last year Baku race. However, the Finn was quite accurate with the predictions.

"Here is a very unpredictable race. You can get lucky or unlucky. Many unpredictable things can happen, but we need to keep focused as a team, and for me as a driver, and focus on taking it corner by corner.”

Here is another person, who also is going to show excellent result in tomorrow race. The Baku specialist Sergio Perez was a "dark horse" during two days, but in quali he lines up on the third row of the grid in 5th place. He is the only driver to claim two podium finishes in Azerbaijan, and perhaps tomorrow he will become the only driver who tasted Baku champagne thrice.

The victims of Turn 8 Robert Kubica and Charles Leclerc are the main characters of Saturday qualifying. The same mistake in the same place. Obviously, Baku is ruthless to Williams: firstly, the loose drain cover for Russell, today the crash for Kubica. It’s too hard to see the Claire’s face every time the team gets the hit.

As Robert said, "at this track you pay a high price for a relatively small mistake", and this is absolutely true, because the second victim of Turn 8 could take a pole. Charles Leclerc was the best in every practice and also was performing well in Q1 and Q2 until the silly mistake.

"No excuses. I've been useless. I will push to have a better tomorrow. Sorry to all the people supporting us and even more to the whole team that deserved so much better,” – Leclerc twitted.

So, there's no sense to make any predictions for tomorrow race. Baku is real madness, so anything can happen here on Sunday. Just hope that these two days didn’t take all the best moments of Grand Prix.

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