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Vettel ends fourth in the Ferrari’s comedy of errors.

Following the crash at Saint Devote this morning, Sebastian Vettel struggled with the tyres’ temperature finishing fourth in the qualifying session.

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Vettel ends fourth in the Ferrari’s comedy of errors.
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Sebastian Vettel crashed this morning during the third first practice, adding another mistake to its growing list of errors.

As due to the impact, the front left wheel on its Ferrari was bent at a right angle and the front wing shattered.

“My front left’s gone,” Vettel reported on the team radio before climbing out of the car.

Nevertheless, the Ferrari mechanics made a miracle in repairing the car after the session, allowing Vettel to take part in the qualifying later in the day.

The four-time Formula 1 world champion managed to reach the fourth place on the grid, after nudging into the barriers on multiple occasions.

Besides the poor driving performance, the German claimed that the qualifying results does not depend at all on the FP3 issues. By contrast, Vettel remarked how much he suffered with the Pirelli compounds today.

“This morning has nothing to do with qualifying so I don’t want to shift the blame. I’ve been many times around here. We struggled to get the tyres to work and you don’t get the feel you want. the front tyres did not work. We need to dig deeper. For now, it is what it is, we need to accept, even if we don’t want to.”

On the other hand, Charles Leclerc terminated 16th, as his team messed up by not sending him for a final during the Q1.

"I asked whether they were sure, they told me we think we are.

"We had plenty of time to go out again. We still had the fuel to go again, just had to change tyres. None of this was a problem. I need some explanations", said Leclerc, being quite upset with his  today.

By irony, Charles Leclerc was knocked up by his own- team mate, Sebastian Vettel, who had, similarly, a torrid Q1.

However, Ferrari did not leave Vettel in the pit, allowing him to post a quick lap in the closing stage at the expenses of the Monegasque talent.


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