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Monaco GP: the best result for Kvyat in Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso finished Monaco race with 7-8.

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Monaco GP: the best result for Kvyat in Toro Rosso
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Historically, Toro Rosso always looks strong and performs well in Monaco. However, every season the result depends on the car, and sometimes the team and drivers can’t show great results here. Nevertheless, this year Monaco was a real success for Toro Rosso: Q3 for both cars and finish with amount of points. It seems, after Grand Prix in Barcelona, where Toro Rosso made serious strategic mistakes and poorly pit-stops, the team has learned the lessons.

During free practices, it was quite difficult to draw conclusions about the team’s performance level in Monaco. In FP1 Daniil and Alex showed 13 and 14 results, and then in FP2 Albon set the 5th time, while Kvyat was only 14th. However, already in the final session the Russia was on the 7th position, and Alex on 10th, how they started in Sunday race.

However, on Saturday Kvyat qualified the 8th, but due to Gasly penalty he moved to 7th position. It was the third time in a row, when Daniil managed to move in Q3 of quali. Alex also moved to Q3, on 10th position, which he kept on starting grid.

At the race start Daniil Kvyat lost 2 places: Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly overtook the Russian. Unlike others, Toro Rosso drivers chose a different tactics. They didn't go to the pits on 11th lap, and managed to hold out on the used Soft to almost half of the distance. Daniil went to boxes first, on 32nd lap, Alex – on 40th, and both put new Medium, until the finish.


After the race, both drivers confirmed that the tactics in Monaco was perfect, and thanked the team for the hard work and the right decisions.

"We had a very strong Qualifying yesterday and capped it off with a strong race today, so it’s a nice feeling. I was a sitting duck at the start of the race: Gasly had a clean braking move on the outside, while I was on the inside line and I couldn’t change it - someone must have taken it easy into the corner and it caused a chain reaction. However, I’m very happy because I think it was a really strong race for us," – Daniil told about his race.

"I’ve got to say a big thanks to the team because the strategy was fantastic! We knew there was the chance to get into the points today, and we did a good job to make it happen," – Alex added.

However, Albon faced an issue in the race. Soft tyres didn’t work on Albon’s car, but nevertheless, this problem didn't prevent him from finishing in the points:

"The most difficult part of the day was managing the tyres, as the Softs don’t really like to last that long, so they begin to degrade and vibrate. Still, it was good fun out there and great to have both cars finish in the points!"

Right after Alex pit stop, he could set the fastest lap with the time of 1:15.607. Unfortunately, his time was beaten by Gasly, who visited boxes on 62nd lap and put used Soft. Firstly, Pierre showed the time 1:14.567. And then on 73rd lap the French set 1:14.279.

Despite, Toro Rosso didn’t get extra point for the fastest lap, Monaco was the best result for both drivers and team this season so far, and also the best result for Daniil Kvyat in Toro Rosso. Now the team is on the same level with Haas in Constructors Cup - 16 points, and 1 point behind Racing Point.

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