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Renault green (Hulk) with envy?

The Abiteboul VS Horner clash may seem to be far from ending; after last season’s drag between Red Bull and Renault for power unit matters, now the battle may change front: drivers

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Renault green (Hulk) with envy?
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The sparring happened between the trucks as the best movie tradition of gangs’ wars wants:

“Now you need a driver and an engine”

“Yup. Have You got any money to spend on your engine now that you’ve spent it all on your driver?”

The skit starring Cyril and Christian took place in Spa-Francorchamps last year, filmed on the new Netflix series ‘F1: Drive to survive’; but the consequences may be a lot harder and deeper than a couple of gibes.

After the entry of Honda in the Milton Keynes garage, a bigger torpedo may collide with Enstone’s battleship: rumours, reported by Motorsport.com journalist and Sky Italy commentator Roberto Chinchero, are said to know a first contact between the Helmut Marko entourage and NicoHulkHulkenberg.

The former German courier is on ending its 3-year contract with the yellow team and, used to 2nd class manufacturers, could unexpectedly be one of the projects for the 2020 “drink team” roster.

As most of the paddock and the fans may refer him as one of the burned-out-for-big-boys, alternatives don’t come to mind easily: could be real a second chance for a Kvyat return? Albon already deserves a step up on the mothership?

But the big question mark relates on Pierre Gasly: all the affaire seems up to his performances. To be honest apart from the consistent recovery shown in Azerbaijan, the comparison with “Mad Max” can ingloriously end within the mid of the season; the equation “good car + good teammate results = good results for you” doesn’t add up. Other options? Top drivers: missing. Red Bull development program: not developed from a while. A Ricciardo comeback? “Pride and prejudice” from the Aussie.

Many may remember when Nico was offered a chance from Maranello, when V8 were still installed in the first step noses: “Nando” declined the “offer”, claiming Massa as the best teammate possible; he was still remembering the maiden pole position at Interlagos 2010 made by the rookie Williams driver.

And lastly, the case can end in a double-edged sword for Viry-Chatillon: even if this option will end up as a backup cover move until better opportunities arise, the ball will still be in the hands of the #27. As an offer stands for Nico, he could easily play this card when negotiations will start during the summer break: the poor Cyril could spend a very hot holiday season.

Maybe regretting to have declared the war too early…

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