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Vettel: “Competition with Leclerc is good for Ferrari”.

The German driver claims that the internal battle with its team pair is positive for Ferrari.

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Vettel: “Competition with Leclerc is good for Ferrari”.
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While being clearly the fastest Ferrari driver over the previous seasons, Sebastian Vettel has been constantly challenged by its team-pair in the 2019 season.

No doubt that the four-time Formula 1 world champion remains the leader of the Marenello’s team, as demonstrated by the favorable team-orders. Despite,

Charles Leclerc, who was today attending the Moto Gp race at Mugello with the Ducati team, has in outperformed his team pair in different occasions.

In particular, Leclerc has displayed outstanding capacities being the only Ferrari driver able to dominate, in terms of performance a Grand Prix. Indeed, Charles Leclerc would have won the Bahrain Grand Prix without the reliability issues faced with its Ferrari.

Sebastain Vettel has seen its position threatened by the emerging talent of Charles Leclerc.

Nevertheless, Vettel pointed out how the internal battle with Leclerc is good for him and Ferrari, remarking how the two fast drivers are able to discover the car’s limit and push themselves.

“I think it’s positive. We’re pushing each other,” he affirmed.

"I think that’s a good situation for the team to have two drivers pushing the car to the limit and exploring the limitations. Trying to find out first of all what they are, and second how we can fix them," responding to the previous criticism he faced by Gerard Berger, underlining how Vettel suffers psychologically the exploit of his team mate.

Vettel added that Kimi Raikkonen, although not being as challenging as Leclerc, was not an easy team pair to deal with, remarking how respect among team-pairs is the most important factor to account for.

"I think in fairness and keeping the respect, I don’t think I’ve had easy teammates in the past."

"I don’t think Kimi was slow!" he said, comparing Kimi to his current team mate. "Obviously they are different: different people first of all, different drivers, different style.

"I think it became apparent for good reasons that Charles is very talented and very fast," he concluded, remarking how strong Leclerc is.


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