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Hamilton: “ It was not the way I wanted to win”.

Lewis Hamilton affirmed he did not want to win the Canadian GP with the Vettel’s penalty.

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Hamilton: “ It was not the way I wanted to win”.
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As Hamilton put pressure on Vettel at on lap 48, the Ferrari’s driver ran wide committing a minor mistake, rejoining the track when the five-times Formula 1 World champion was trying to pass him.

Despite managing to defend its position, the German got a five-second penalty for the move, allowing Hamilton to win the 7th consecutive race for Mercedes in the 2019 season, and reinforcing its leading position in the championship with 29 ahead of Valterri Bottas.

Albeit the success, the British driver remarked he did not want to win the race in such a way.

Indeed, Lewis Hamilton said: “"Naturally that is absolutely not the way I wanted to win. I was pushing to the end to try to get past.

"I forced him into an error, he went a bit wide but then I had the run on that corner and we nearly collided.

"It is unfortunate but this is motor racing."

Vettel was furious and complained via radio for the penalty, before refusing to drive his car to the post-race area and placing the number two board in front of Hamilton’s Mercedes, whereas shuffling the number one where his car was supposed to be.

On the other hand, the stewards underlined how Vettel rejoined the track in an unsafe manner, constricting Hamilton to slow down as to avoid a potential incident.

While being disappointed for winning the race with a five-seconds penalty for its main contender, Lewis Hamilton claimed the stewards were correct in taking the decision, adding that the circumstance was the best occasion to surpass Vettel as he was struggling with the brake temperature.

"I took the corner normally but when you come back on track you are not supposed to go straight back on to racing line you are supposed to come back on safely".

"I was struggling with brake temperature," Hamilton said.

"My tyres were good at that point where he made the mistake.

"I was as close as I was ever going to be."

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