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Ferrari’s appeal: Will they or won’t they?

A discussion on the fallout from Ferrari contemplating an appeal to the decision in Montreal

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Ferrari’s appeal: Will they or won’t they?
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As Sebastian Vetttel crossed the line in Montreal ahead of Lewis Hamilton the world of F1 was ready for another ‘here we go’ moment, with regard to controversy arising once again. Everyone knew that Vettel had a 5 second penalty coming his way but no one could have foreseen the scenes that followed.

Sebastian Vettel physically moving the official finishing place sign is an image which will be long remembered. The reaction of the four-time world champion has sparked debate with many people saying how when Vettel reacts in this way it is the sign of a ‘really passionate racer’ whereas if Lewis Hamilton followed suit the tag of ‘sore loser’ would head his way.

So, are we any closer to knowing whether Ferrari will appeal the decision?

As of going to press there was still great mystery to this question. In the UK the Daily Mail newspaper was busy claiming that Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto has written to the FIA informing them that Ferrari “will not be lodging a challenge.”

Whereas autosport.com claim that Ferrari may use the FIA's 'right of review' to re-examine Vettel's Canadian Grand Prix penalty - rather than go through with a formal appeal.

Whatever the decision (of which I am losing interest) - the real loser in this is Formula 1.

Sebastian Vettel has not gained many new fans after accusing the stewards of “stealing” his win but the Tifosi will be delighted by such ‘passion’ on display.

In the world over we can see now whether it is in sport, politics or entertainment shows – a decision is made and an outcome reached yet it can still be ignored or reconsidered.

As such, does the drama get lost along the way?

It would be far better to have had the climax of the Canadian Grand Prix being a desperate fan base hoping their man Vettel would claw out a five second gap but instead with several laps remaining the cries of ‘Ferrari will appeal’ and ‘we’ll get the win through the courts’ were being heard throughout the land.

This is a problem!

Sport has mistakes made in it and ironically that is half its attraction for many fans. Vettel himself said he wished he was racing in a different era and it is hard to disagree that would not be preferable when so many people are second guessed.


Hopefully, this issue will soon come to an end as it is believed that Ferrari has until race day of the French Grand Prix to ‘’issue aright of review if they have new evidence that the stewards have not seen.’’

Evidence? Too many times in F1 have matters been decided in the courts whether it be decisions with the late Niki Lauda and James Hunt; the deception of Nelson Piquet Jr or even the spy scandal at McLaren.

Now with Article 14.1.1 of the Sporting code being read by many a race fan, the courts are back in the headlines once again as opposed to the racers. 

At the moment, Sebastian Vettel is 62 points away from leading the championship and that there is the real problem. If Vettel was closer or even leading this probably would hardly be an issue. However, it is not close and as such Ferrari are finding they have to consider scrapping for any point they get.

Now, that should be the real headline - and a worrying one at that!

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