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More drivers join Vettel's side about his controversial penalty

Formula 1 drivers shared their opinions on the Canadian GP win-deciding penalty and, for once, they seem to all agree.

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More drivers join Vettel's side about his controversial penalty
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It's been two weeks since Sebastian Vettel lost a well-deserved win in Canada due to a controversial 5-second time penalty. The german driver went wide between turn 3 and turn 4 of the Montreal Circuit and forced Lewis Hamilton into a heavy breaking to avoid collision when he rejoined the track -according to him- on a out-of-control Ferrari.

The stewards' decision on handing him a time penalty gave birth to huge outcries not only from the Tifosi, but from the whole motorsport world. The first ones to have a word on that, beside Vettel himself complaining on the radio, were Formula 1 World Champions Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill showing the world their disappointment via Twitter.

Heading into the French GP protests are still not over with many other drivers to follow suit: Max Verstappen in particular wanted to have a word on that, coming from a lost Monaco podium due to his own 5-second time penalty.

"He was not blocking Lewis on purpose. Why they gave him the penalty was wrong", stated the Dutchman while asking for more tollerance on wheel-banging. But, Verstappen added, that should not be blamed on the stewards at all: "Sometimes they don't want to [give a penalty], but they have to. I read a few comments that some stewards they got bad language messages on Twitter and stuff which is not fair. They are trying to do their job in the best possible way and it's not fair to say they did a bad job" and asked for a rulebook review: "I think it's good to look at what we can change/take out."

During Thursday's Press Conference many other drivers agreed with the Dutchman while answering media's questions.


"I think we have too many guidelines in the rulebook and it's difficult to deviate from them" stated Romain Grosjean with Carlos Sainz sharing the same opinion: "I think there was no reason to give a penalty, but the rule is written and the Stewards apply the rule".
The no-penalty team was joined as well by Nico Hulkenberg and Antonio Giovinazzi, with the pair of them asking also for more constancy and conformity on the judgements.

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