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Austrian GP | Press Conference: a look to the future of Formula 1

Austrian GP's press conference was all about Mercedes dominance and future evolutions of the sport, with Max Verstappen (Red Bull), Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Alexander Albon (Toro Rosso), Kevin Magnussen (Haas) and Sergio Perez (Racing Point).

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Austrian GP | Press Conference: a look to the future of Formula 1
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It was a strange press conference the one that led drivers into 2019 Austrian Grand Prix in Red Bull Ring. Both drivers and press attention seems to be more about long term future than to the race weekend: Mercedes domination in the first eight races created boring races and there were a lot of talking about current "crisis" of Formula 1. Also, all the five drivers in the conference are actually struggling a bit in their championship situation, that's why "frustration" was one of the keywords of the media session. Drivers from the top teams were addressed with a lot of questions about how they would change the current situation, and there were quite a bit different answers.

Max Verstappen has a clear idea on how to put on a great show: "It could be okay to have 2 seconds slower cars - if we can follow each other, that would be just great. Right now tyres overheat too much when you're behind another car and slides too much after just a couple laps. It just compromises your race cause you have to stop. Running close to each other is key factor: we can do a better job in tyres, we have to support Pirelli in that. Also differents on engines are too big right now. We have to stay in hybrid engines, but it can be done in a better way."

Sergio Perez is the one who partially disagree about an actual "boring" F1: "A lot of people is losing interest, maybe there were boring races in the top field. But in the midfield there were great races, also in the last laps as in French GP where everything was so close. We just need to get more teams able to winning races. I think it is the best way to create interest in races."

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc also agree that a closer field would help, but also cars that could easily follow each other would do that. But another key point is to listen to drivers feedback to get things better: "We have pretty strong opinion on what to do. Also in the GPDA there are a few points we all agree on."

Magnussen also agreed on that: "We have opinions on future of F1 and good experience also. We can contribute in a good way, generally we want to do that."

Verstappen also had an honest quote about entertainment in motorsport: "I think Formula 1 is always been like this. Before Mercedes era, you had Red Bull dominating, and way before there was Ferrari, Williams, McLaren, and so on. There have always been years of domination: the team that understand better the rules and do the best job will always win."

Alexander Albon closed the discussion with such a great summary: "Midfield is great to see, the problem is just the top 6."

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