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Austrian GP | Pirelli to maintain 2019 tyres after teams vote

There was a meeting this morning with Pirelli and the ten teams principal. Mario Isola from the italian tyres manifacturer explained what it was all about and what conclusions have been reached.

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Austrian GP | Pirelli to maintain 2019 tyres after teams vote
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There were a lot of talking during the last few weeks about "boring races" in Formula 1, as Mercedes is dominating the sport. Some teams actually thinks that a good solution would be to change tyres, moving back to 2018 compounds. Pirelli's Mario Isola had a meeting with the teams this morning: "It was mainly to understand if there is anything we can do to improve the show, because Mercedes is not helping the show at the moment. We had a discussion to reintroduce the old tyres, but after analyzing positive and negative tyres, the conclusion is that we want to stay on the current tyres. There was a vote on the teams, the decision is to stay on the current tyres."

To have a tyres switch, at least 70% of the teams should have voted to go back to old compounds, but 5 out of 10 voted against the in-season change. Anyway the meeting was good enough for future perspective: "The meeting were productive, we had new ideas, new proposal for maybe the end of the season. We have to analyze that, for the moment they are just ideas. We'll see, we'll continue the discussion in the next days. Maybe we will have a proposal for Silverstone or something like that. I don't know yet as this just happened", Isola said.


Next week there will also be another tyres test in Austria. What's the plan, Pirelli side? "In Red Bull Ring we are continuing development for 2020, as I already said the main target is to have a wider working window for next year compounds. So both in Austria and Silverstone we will test new compounds, new philosophy, new type of compunds in order to achieve this target. And also to finalize the new construction for next year. Because current cars are really faster and faster, so that means that they are putting more enrgy into the tyres and we have to cope with this energy, and all the modification on the costruction is to make it work better."

"The compounds will have wider working range to help drivers with blister, overheating and so on. The target is also to reduce overheating because it’s something the drivers don’t like. So I would say that the main targets are keeping that safety, which is a target that is always there - we cannot consider tyres that are not safe for Formula 1, But on a sporting side we have two targets for 2020: Wider working range and less overheating for next year", Isola added.

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