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Austrian GP | Latest from teams press conference

Austrian GP's teams press conference participants: Toyoharu Tanabe (Honda), Mario Isola (Pirelli), Andreas Seidl (McLaren), Andrew Green (Racing Point) and Paul Monaghan (Red Bull).

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Austrian GP | Latest from teams press conference
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Friday's press conference was mostly about the future of the tyres and the Formula 1 overall. One of the main topics was for sure the decision about not going back to old compounds, as explained from Mario Isola.

"We do tyres for what the requirements were. If we go back to 2018 tyres we will have more blistering and overheating which is something drivers don’t like. I’m very confident that for the second part of the season, we will use what we learned from the tyres. I don’t want to go back to 2018 tyres and I’m happy that the teams voted against that change. At the end of the day, we have one tyres for everybody, so we all must agree.", Isola said.

That position was also supported by McLaren's Andreas Seidl: "Pirelli has a product that matching all the requirement. One team is doing a significant better job than the other top teams. Our focus is something longer, on 2021. We fully support for bigger changes, that’s our focus."


For sure it is important to find ways to get this Formula 1 more exciting for all kind of viewers. One possible way is to look at other categories in motorsport and get things from those formats, which is pretty hard without touching the DNA of Formula 1. Tanabe-san knows that very well, as Honda is also involved in IndyCar Series: "There are big difference in the two series, in the spectator, in the sport and entertainment side. It’s good to learn each other, share the ideas that enforce us. We need to give more fun to the spectator, it would be good."

Seidl was more concerning about fight on track, as he doesn't want Formula 1 like IndyCar: "I think some expect 2021 rules with standardization or limitations to inventive. We are not seeing that. We want closer racing and we are not far with the proposal on the table." 

McLaren's team principal is also concerned about future engine regulations, as he thinks it's really hard right now to find a compromize between budget and evolution: "We are looking into next step of electrification for next engines rules. But we need budget a lot smaller to attract new automotive. Cause right now it’s too much expensive in terms of budget and infrastructures to get a team in the points."

Speaking about budget, there were also talking about how multiple tyres manifacturer could be good for competition. Mario Isola from Pirelli had a different opinion and was very clear about that point, looking into 2021 priorities: “Multiple tyres supplier would be against budget cap”.


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