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Austrian GP | Max Verstappen wins after an amazing battle with Charles Leclerc

Incredible race in Austria where Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc battled till the very first lap for the victory. The Dutchman won after a spectacular overtake which is now under investigation.

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Austrian GP | Max Verstappen wins after an amazing battle with Charles Leclerc
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What a race in Red Bull Ring, with Verstappen able to win the race after a bad start and an incredible recovery. Second place for Charles Leclerc, who was overtaken by the Dutch with just 2 laps to go, as we will have to wait for stewards decision on that pass. Third place for Valtteri Bottas, first Mercedes under the chequered flag, in front of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.


Here is the lap by lap commentary from the Austrian Grand Prix:

Great start from Charles Leclerc who goes away followed by Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. Max Verstappen stalled at the start and goes back to P8, while Vettel passed Gasly and Giovinazzi in turn 1 for P6. First lap also had Raikkonen into fourth position as he passed Norris.

In the first few laps Vettel took positions from Norris and Raikkonen to go into P4. Verstappen struggled a bit more to pass, but he got the overtakes too into P5.

In Lap 14, Norris passed back Raikkonen who also has to defend from Gasly. The French tries for almost ten laps without closing the overtake.

Lap 22: pit for Bottas and Vettel, where the German lost a few seconds because the mechanics weren’t ready with the new tyres because of a radio problem in the Ferrari box. Vettel went back on track eight, but he immediately passed Gasly.

Lap 23: clean pit stop for Charles Leclerc, going back on track in third position behind Hamilton and Verstappen. Team radio for Hamilton: push hard now.

Lap 25 and Raikkonen pits, leaving Vettel in P6. He has Norris in front to pass again.

Lap 26, pit stop for Norris and Gasly.

Lap 30 and Hamilton is leading as he still has to pits as well as Verstappen. He has a 5s advantage on Verstappen, with another 7s on Leclerc. His gap on Bottas is 17s and Vettel 23s.

Lap 31 and Hamilton goes back to the pits and he change the front wing that has been damaged over the yellow kerbs. It is a 11 seconds stop for the 5-time world champion, who goes back in fifth position, 8 seconds behind Sebastian Vettel.

Lap 32 and Verstappen pits, going back into fourth position. Everyone in the top 5 has now pitted, and they all choosed hard tyres.

Lap 33 and we have Leclerc leading in front of Bottas, Vettel, Verstappen and Hamilton. Gap is close as Leclerc only has 4 seconds on Bottas. In the battle for 9th position, Gasly finally passed Raikkonen, now both on hard tyres, 20 laps after his first attempt.

Lap 36 and Leclerc makes the fastest lap of the race so far in 1:08.344. Race pace from top 5 drivers is pretty similar as Leclerc gap on Hamilton fifth is 20 seconds.

Lap 39, Sainz and Ricciardo, sixth and seventh, are the only drivers still to pit. Eight is currently Lando Norris, who is fighting to be best of the rest as he has to defend from Pierre Gasly.

Lap 42 and Sainz is in the pit.

Lap 43, Verstappen is now fastest on track and he is reducing the gap from Vettel to two seconds.

Lap 44, fastest lap for Max Verstappen in 1:08.317. Lando passed Ricciardo for P6.

Lap 45, fastest lap for Sainz with fresh tyres but he got immediately beaten by Verstappen who improved further more in 1:08.165. Vettel is just 1.6 far away now.

Lap 48 and Verstappen goes into DRS on Sebastian Vettel for first attack attempt. Ricciardo finally stops for soft tyres.

Lap 50 and Max Verstappen passed Sebastian Vettel round the outside into Turn 3 for a podium position.

Lap 51 and Sebastian Vettel goes for a second stop for soft tyres. He is now fifth and 8 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton with 20 laps to go.

Lap 54 and Verstappen is still on fire, already on DRS against Bottas.

Lap 55, Verstappen reports he is losing power on team radio but he is still behind Bottas and he is trying to attack.

Lap 56 and Verstappen goes on the inside of Bottas for second position! What a race from the Dutch. Max is fastest on track, just 5 seconds behind Leclerc with 15 laps to go.

Lap 59, fastest lap for Verstappen in 1:07.766.

Lap 61, fastest lap again from Verstappen on 1:07.745, now just 4.2 seconds behind Vettel.

Lap 63 and we go under 3 seconds gap between Leclerc and Verstappen.

Lap 65, only two seconds between the top two drivers. Verstappen also get DRS thanks to a lapped Williams.

Lap 66, Verstappen is now under one second as Leclerc has to lap Gasly.

Five laps to go and Verstappen has his first attempt in turn 2 with DRS, as they almost touch each other.

Lap 69 and Verstappen passed Leclerc in turn 2 as they touch. The Dutch pushed a bit Leclerc off the track and we will se how the steward will judge that. Leclerc said "what the hell is that?" on team radio, as Red Bull crew told Verstappen "there was nothing wrong".

Lap 70 and Vettel passed Hamilton for fourth place. In the meanwhile, accident involving Leclerc and Verstappen is "noted" by the stewards.

Last lap and is chequered flag for Max Verstappen who wins the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix. Verstappen and Leclerc clash is officially under investigation.

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