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Austrian GP | Leclerc: "Not much we could have done better"

Charles Leclerc remains second after the FIA stated that no further action has been taken on the racing incident between Verstappen and the Monegasque.

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Austrian GP | Leclerc: "Not much we could have done better"
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Charles Leclerc concedes Red Bull and Max Verstappen performed better than Ferrari and outdid the Maranello-based team when it came to managing the tyre. However, the Monegasque points out that Verstappen went in too aggressive while overtaking him.

Following a 3-hour long investigation from the stewards, no further action was taken and Max Verstappen kept his victory as a result. For the second time this season Leclerc had the opportunity to win a race from pole position, but no technical issues thwarted him today, as he came up short in a gripping on-track battle with Max Verstappen.

“Red Bull was very quick today, very good at keeping the tyres better than us. If I feel that the overtake was done rightly - I don’t think the second one was. I believe that anyway the end will have probably been the same but it’s just not the way you overtake, I think.”

The Ferrari driver was confortably sitting on a 5s-lead before a vehemently-paced Verstappen closed the gap and challenged him for the win. According to Leclerc, the move was regarded as part of ‘hard racing’, and was in a way praised for keeping everyone, from the drivers to the audience, well entertained.

“From my side I think it’s racing. -he told motorsport.com in the FIA press conference- We all know there’s a crest in that corner as well, so if you take the crest wrong, because we both went a bit straight on, at one point you run out of room. But it’s hard racing. It’s better than just following each other and having a boring race.”

Leclerc lamented the fact that, following his strong defence, he was pushed off the track and could not hold on and counter-attack. “I did the same thing from the first to the second lap. The only thing that changed from the first to the second lap was contact. And then I had to go wide, I lost quite a bit of time there. As Max said he braked a little deeper. I don’t know if he lost it or not. But then there was the contact. I felt I was quite strong in traction on the first attempt, I managed to have a better traction and kept my position. On the second one I couldn’t do that because I was off-track.”


After the FIA shared the verdict, Leclerc channelled his emotions through social media. “I gave it all. Disappointed for the team but not much we could have done better.”

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