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A more risky approach for McLaren

The new McLaren boss Andreas Seidl, wants the team to adopt a more risky approach to enhance the MCL35 performances furtherly.

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A more risky approach for McLaren
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McLaren has undoubtedly improved consistently over the 2019. After ending the 2018 season at the sixth place, the Woking team is now lagging behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, showing a renewed competitiveness with Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris.

As to approach the top three, Andreas Seidl claims that a new approach in developing the car is needed. Particularly, Seidl believes that incremental improvements and risk-taking are essential to enhance the performance of the MCL35 during the 2019 season.

 "What is the most important thing for me is to see continuous development, and continuous improvement for the team back home and back here," he underlined.

"For me what is important is that we take our time to make sure we go into detail, in terms of the methods and tools we are using to develop this stuff.

"Because this is the foundation in the end for an aggressive development that is required when you have a gap like we have.

"We need to build up this confidence again inside the team and to be brave enough to take risky or adventurous concept decisions.

"That is something that other teams with a lot of experience and confidence like Mercedes can do.

"It is important to be good in categories like pitstops, race strategy, and we are already showing now that we can take the fight to the big ones because it is clear that the gap on the performance side is something that will take time."

19 years old Lando Norris is one of the rising stars of Formula 1 and he has a clear short-term target: to be "best of the rest", as McLaren-Renault performance keeps getting better.

Seidl continued, pointing out how difficult is encourage people to be confident in taking risks, following the tragic partnership with Honda from 2015 and 2017, as well as the difficulties encountered with Renault in 2018.

"If you have such bad years like McLaren had, then somehow you are against the wall," explained Seidl, who joined the team earlier this year.

"I think with all the changes that have happened over the last five years, not having stability inside the team, it doesn't help.

"I am a guy who encourages people to take risks and to protect them when something goes wrong.

"You have to accept that mistakes will happen and while you should try to prevent them in the first place, you should make sure they don't happen a second time.

"With the position we are in, we need to take risks. But in order to do that, you have to have certain confidence again inside the team, a certain culture and spirit and that is something we have to build up again together.

"I am not saying it is bad. I was really impressed when I started with all the good results this year, how positive the atmosphere was, and how good the momentum was which was there, and it is important now to go in that direction."

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