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What are the real chances of an F1 comeback for Alonso?

Despite the fact that Fernando Alonso is still under contract with McLaren, he is looking for further racing opportunities, including an F1 comeback. Before the silly season officially starts, Alonso would eventually take on a one-year deal, but where to?

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What are the real chances of an F1 comeback for Alonso?
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Will we ever see Alonso in F1 again? This is certainly a tough question, as the future of the Spaniard is now clouded in uncertainty after his failed Indy 500 assault and the end of his WEC campaign.

When he said goodbye to the Pinnacle of Motorsport last year, he suggested that it was not to bid a full-on farewell. Although Brown has no plans of putting him back in the MCL34 in 2019 for further testing opportunities, Alonso remains a McLaren ambassador. The Woking-based team clarified that Alonso is still honouring their partnership, following some humdrum that emerged after the clamorous failed attempt to this year’s Indy 500.

McLaren would rule out re-hiring the two-time world champion, as they found stability with an all-new line-up and a more defined staffing with the arrival of prominent figures as James Key and Andreas Seidl. Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz’s level of experience perfectly match with McLaren’s current development status.

Spanish media stress that Alonso is nearing an F1 return and the most favourable dynamics would picture him at Ferrari. But is there room for him? Sebastian Vettel’s future at Ferrari is not as safe and sound as it seemed two years ago and more pressure is being added as the years go by. His contract expires in 2020 but anything can happen in F1, therefore his stay in Maranello does not have to be taken for granted. Plus, it is rumoured that Bernie Ecclestone is trying to arrange a second matrimony between Alonso and Ferrari. Not only will this be a smart move for both parties, but also for F1. A golden investment into Alonso’s future in a top team would mean drawing the attention of more spectators, from the nostalgic ones to new generations who would eventually become inspired by a story of resilience and tenacity.

As for now, Alonso would be willing to take on a one-year deal in 2020, moving towards the 2021 silly season. The drivers’ market is literally going to explode, as it will be a key year looking at the new regulations incoming.

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