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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Silverstone

The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Spielberg and who earned our Special Prize.

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Silverstone
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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the newest edition of Formula 1 Radio, this time live from Silverstone, UK. 
This is the land of James Bond and, like the good secret agents we are, we tried to discover every single team radio of the race weekend. 


Speaking of 007, two cars on the grid were marked with this historic and fascinating logo, but.. not everything went as planned for our special spies. 

Do you want to improve your front wing, Max?
Max Verstappen - “No, it’s not that.
We try.”
Max Verstappen - “No, it’s not that.
So we stay out.”
Max Verstappen - “Ya.”
Sorry, is not clear."
Max Verstappen - “Yeah.” (FP2)

I guess Red Bull is still not ready for a secret mission. 

Lewis has now moved on to the C2.”
Max Verstappen - “The radio cut out.
Yeah,  understood.”
Max Verstappen - “Can you repeat what you said?”
“Lewis has moved on to the C2 tyre, the medium, so no further laps for him.” (FP2)

We need new two-ways radios here, repeat, two-ways radio or we will fail the mission. 

Virtual Safety Car. That is for Daniel who has stopped on track at Turn 14.
Max Verstappen - “I guess you want me to stay out with these tyres.”
“Yeah we’ll box once it’s clear the VSC is ending.” (FP2)

Oh, come on, you need to have a strong feeling with your team, Max, you need to predict their moves. And so should your team mate. 

Pierre Gasly is recovering from a rough start of the season, and after a good performance in Austria, the team thinks it’s time for him to be a 007 too.

Anyway, every mission has its own risks. 

Pierre Gasly - “I can hear a strange nose.. a strange noise when I move the throttle.. from the engine.”  (FP3)

A nose, Pierre? Someone is trying to sniff out your plans, agent!

Do you want to stay out our box?
Max Verstappen - “I’m slower.”
“Stay out one more lap
.” (FP2)

Max risked it all during Qualifying. 

Hard lap Max."
Max Verstappen - “Ah, massive flap.
Fantastic effort, P4.”
Max Verstappen - “Ah, man this is so disappointing. Ah.. but anyway, after the difficulties we’ve had so far it’s not about quali.
Not at all, good job.
Christian Horner - “Hey good job Max, you had the most out of it. Let’s have a competitive race, we’ll done. 
Max Verstappen - “Yeah, good effort.” (Q3)

But what’s happening? Someone’s attacking the two spies.

Pierre Gasly - “Someone hit me!”
“Copy. Any damage?
Pierre Gasly - “Doesn’t look like it.” (Race)

All clear for Pierre, but.. wait, where is Max? 

Max Verstappen - “Is my car okay? 
Tyres are okay.” (Race)

Oh, it was just Sebastian Vettel. Guess we have a new Torpedo here… 

Sebastian Vettel - “What was he doing?” (Race)

Can we ask you the same, Seb? 

Mission failed, I repeat, mission failed. 

Okay, not your day today, but nice job.”
Chiristian Horner - “Hey Max, I’m not quite sure what you’re thinking about that. 
Max Verstappen - “Unbelievable, it should’ve been P2 today. I still don’t know how I brought this car to the end.” (Checkered flag)

Until the next mission, Agent Verstappen. 

In the UK there was also a strike promoted by our race track engineers. 

Alex Albon - “The brakes weren’t working.” 
“Copy, I cannot talk to you, copy that.”  (Race)

Ehm, hello??

Alex Albon - “Front left graining.”
“Do you think any chance to make it to the end?
Alex Albon - “You should’ve told me this earlier, not now.”
“We didn’t know the situation, we have a situation. Want a feedback please
.” (Race)

Sebastian Vettel - “Why is there Safety Car?
Was Giovinazzi in the gravel.”
Sebastian Vettel - “And?
And should be… in soon.” (Race)

Oh, thanks for the attention. 

Alexander and Sebastian are not alone, other drivers had some misunderstanding with their engineer. 

Kimi Raikkonen - “Can we get those Pirelli things moved? The fence. Is that they are on the right. They are directly on the right if we pull out fast.”
“You mean.. which one?
Kimi Raikkonen - “Those on the right when you got out on the pit box.” (FP1)

Stop position was good.
Carlos Sainz - “Can you hear me now?”
“Yes, I can hear you.” (FP1)

“Keep trying pushing in right hand corners, especially in Turn 7.
Carlos Sainz - “Turn 6 you mean? 
Sorry, you’re correct.” (FP2)

Someone also attempted to Romain’s life.

Are you okay?
Romain Grosjean - “I hit a bump on the straight, f**k, it killed my back.”
“Do you wanna box or try the start?

Romain Grosjean - “Let’s try the start.” (FP1)

Everybody’s still scared of Magnussen.

Carlos Sainz - “Yeah, you didn’t tell me about Magnussen there, traffic with him.” (FP3)

Lewis Hamilton - “Gettin no DRS.”
“No DRS on the straight this year.
” (FP1)

Lewis, seriuosly? 

Your Mercedes already flies, you don’t need another DRS zone. 

Sebastian Vettel - “Yes or no?”
“Yes, I’ll update you. 
Sebastian Vettel - “Oh, box box because there’s something loose on the body weight.”
“Okay, constant speed.” (FP1)

Now you know how decisions are taken in the Ferrari garage about the race strategies. Yes or no?

Turn 1 and 7 little spots of rain.
Sebastian Vettel - “There are only few drops, but they are quite big. Big drops, but only very few. There’s rain in Cops, the worst place.” (FP1) 

And we also have the Weather man. Thanks Seb for the updates. 

Now let’s go on with you team mate, Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque is showing his temper, on and off track. 

See how determined he was even on the radio. 

Charles Leclerc - “Is everything fine with the brakes?”
“You are brake balance plus 9.”
Charles Leclerc - “No no, this I know, but there’s something weird. Look when I’m braking.”
“Okay, checking the data.
” (FP1)

Charles Leclerc - “Rain. We can box.”
“Box, let me know if it is for inter on your side
Charles Leclerc - “No no, not yet. Traffic was horrendous in my lap. People are standing in the middle of the way. So annoying.” (FP1)

Charles Leclerc - “What the hell are they doing? Cool down.” (FP1)

Charles Leclerc - “Are you sure these tyres are not going to explode? I’ve got a very strange mark on the front left.
Box box."
Charles Leclerc - “Okay.”  (FP2)

Charles Leclerc - “We can also pit, there’s something wrong with the front left. I mean… I don’t know, we can try and do one more lap.” (FP2)

Charles Leclerc - “Ah, they’re staying in the middle, honestly.” (FP3)

Charles Leclerc - “Instead of doing the drive through, do you think we can stop and go like 4 plus 5 front wing and go again?
Come back to you. Okay, let’s stop in front of the garage and let me know the adjustments. 
Charles Leclerc - “Plus 4.”
Copy.” (FP3)

And you stop in front of Sebastian.”
Charles Leclerc - “I’ll cool down - push, Seb was too slow.”
“Copy understood.
” (FP3)

And tyres are good on the data side.
Charles Leclerc - “Copy, ehm.. take more margin for the first two laps on the hard compared to what we have on our system, is very very difficult to warm the tyres up.”
Charles Leclerc - “And very very tricky in the first laps, so the first lap will be quite slow I think.” (Pre- race)

Charles Leclerc - “Is something broken on the left side of the car?”
“Everything is fine.
” (Race)

I can go on, but I can assure you this is the same guy who didn’t like to talk that much on the radio. 

Charles Leclerc - “How the hell did we lost the position?”
“Still a long race, anything can happen so stay focus.” (Race)

Okay, I think it’s enough, right? 

If Leclerc knew exactly what to do, this cannot be said for someone else. Hi Romain, how are you? 

Romain Grosjean - “I really don’t understand what’s going on, it’s not the same tyres.” (Q2)

So tyres are still on the cool side, especially at the rear at the moment, so if you could do a bit of oversteer..”
Lance Stroll - “Traffic.” (Pre- race)

But what… oh, okay.

It was not an easy weekend for our Honey Badger too. 

Daniel Ricciardo - “I messed up first sector, so I can box this lap if you want, but keep pushing for a bit.”
“Okay to keep pushing. So Daniel if you want you can complete this lap and keep pushing after that.”
Daniel Ricciardo - “I’ll box.” (FP1)

Daniel Ricciardo - “I’ve a pretty crazy amount of understeer, feels like the front is really high.”
“Understood, can we have some Pu changes, will be PU 3 position 14.”
Daniel Ricciardo - “Okay, honestly I think we should box.” (FP2)

Daniel Ricciardo - “Okay, switched off. I got a problem.”
“Okay.” (FP2)

Daniel Ricciardo - “What the f**k.”
“Yeah, copy that.” (FP3)

At least we recovered some points. 

Nice job mate, P7.”
Daniel Ricciardo - “Yeah, understood, nice car.”
“P7 for you and P10 for Nico. Norris is 11th.
Daniel Ricciardo - “Okay, thanks guys, it’s frustrating, I tried to stay close on the straight, but both cars in the points, so thank you.” (Checkered flag)

Tricky weekend for our Smile guy, but he consoled himself out of track. McLaren boys, you. Know what I’m talking about. 

And after the. Honey Badger. tricks, it’s time to unveil our Hit Parade, ready? 

Lowest step of the podium goes directly to Romain Grosjean.

Romain Grosjean - “I spun on the pit exit mate.” (FP1)

Do I need to add something? 

Second place of the Podium for Valtteri Bottas: the Finn finally took Pole after a long time, and his engineer made us understand how much he wanted it. 

Right, that’s Pole Position Valtteri! Well done! We just needed this!
Valtteri Bottas - “YES!” (Q3)

But something during the race went wrong. 

To Valtteri Bottas - “Don’t know what to say. Maybe it’s better to shut up.” (Checkered flag)

Valtteri, keep fighting! We miss our man of the woods who we learned to love so dearly.

First place for the big, big, big Daniil Kvyat, who celebrated like this. Speaking Italian. Because some things sounds good only in that language. 

P9 Dani, very good job.
Daniil Kvyat - “F**k, I know how to drive this car. Thank you guys, grazie mille a tutti. Dopo ieri era dura, ma ce l’abbiamo fatta a fare una gara della Madonna, and never give up.” (Checkered flag)

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From P17 to P9 👏 More precious points collected for @tororosso and @danydk1 💪 #BritishGP 🇬🇧 #Formula1 #F1

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I won’t translate this time, because I know you already did! 

Our Special Prize: Honestly, what are we doing here? goes to…. Renault, do you really want to wake up the Hulk? 

Great job Nico, great job, that was hard. Sorry mate, but you did a fantastic job there. Scenario 12.
Nico Hulkenberg - “I just don’t understand why we could’t stop early. We just cost ourselves this race. I was genuinely struggling, not playing any games or any bulls**t like that, you just gotta believe me sometimes! F**kin believe!”
“Understand Nico, fully understand. As I said you did an absolutely fantastic job.”
Nico Hulkenberg - “It’s obvious, my tyres were a hundred and f**king forty and still ‘no no, it’s fine, let him stay out, it’s all good’.”
Copy that, Nico, understood. Talk about it after the race.” (Checkered flag) 

He wasn’t angry, was he? 
Now I understand why Daniel kept going around the Paddock doing jokes instead of coming back to his Hospitality. 

At least Carlos still had voice to perform! This is still a real radio, right?

"Phowah, that's the checkered flag, P6! P6, mate! Get in, Carlos! Great drive!"
Carlos Sainz - "Oh, that's proper quali! Oh! Thank you guys, woo!" 
"Yeah, great job!
Carlos Sainz - "Smooth operator, smooooth operator.."
"Ahah." (Q3)

We love happy drivers.

We hope you enjoyed our show and we can’t wait to see you in Germany! 

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