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Binotto set to turn the volume up on Ferrari's silent revolution

At the German GP Ferrari is set to announce the names of the three figures from the tecnhical department who will report directly to Binotto.

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Binotto set to turn the volume up on Ferrari's silent revolution
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Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto decided to relinquish the role of technical director to focus on his management duties. As the Italian section of motorsport.com reports, the decision was taken back at the Monaco GP and the announcement concerning three figures that are going to replace Binotto at the technical department is set to be made at Hockenheim.

Since May 2019, the technical director role has been gradually split into 3 major tasks and departments, picturing Binotto as a supervisor who sets the tone and guides the team. A complete overhaul within the ‘Reparto Corse’ looking towards 2021 is taking place, as Simone Resta’s recent move back to Maranello suggests.

It appears that Binotto will not be replaced by a single and predominant technical director. The role will be diluted into three key figures, revolving around a more horizontal the structure of the team, as McLaren did back in the days with Goss, Morris and Prodromou. Such a unique organisation was progressively ditched by the Woking-based team, which needed a central role to redistribute and control all the resources after the outfit experienced a profound crisis.

Ferrari’s future seems to be taking a different turn, as their arms race might be based on all sorts of counter-tendencies.

There are three recurring names who are rumoured to be announced soon: Enrico Cardile (on the chassis), David Sanchez (aerodynamics) and Corrado Iotti (engine). Additionally, earlier in June Enrico Gualtieri emerged as a potential candidate in the power unit-related department.

Sporting director Laurent Mekies will be reporting directly to Binotto, along with the three or four appointed department leaders.

Such a change was pondered at the beginning of the season, as Binotto previously stated. It was set in January, being one of the new team principal’s key points as he took over. Therefore, no revolution is taking place at Ferrari.

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