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German GP | Renault drivers to do a raindance for the weekend

The one we are approaching may be the very first wet weekend of the 2019 season. Rain is therefore a lottery for everyone, but Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg both hope for some water to come.

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German GP | Renault drivers to do a raindance for the weekend
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Nico Hulkenberg would be on for a challenging condition: "We haven't had any wet running so far this year so the rain can be good or can be a struggle. It's s quite of an unknown but personally I like it." Then the homeboy added opinions about a tough but positive Friday: "We found out that during FP1 I was driving with a damage to the right rear drum flick on the car and that caused a huge loss of downforce. This afternoon the conditions were really tricky due to the hot weather, the rear axle was suffering quite a lot. The car felt a bit 'spongy', it's a weird feeling when you're racing. Still it's a problem common to all the teams and if you look at the timesheets we are in a decent position."


Even more excited was Daniel Riccardo. The Aussie had a difficult Friday but nevertheless he looked very determinated: "Even if on a performance side we weren't strong I like racing in hot weather, sweating in the car... I just like it. Still I hope for the rain to come at some point tomorrow. As a driver it's exciting since it's more difficult. I've never driven this car in the wet but in the last few years Renault has been competitive in this condition, so I think that it could give us half a chance to do something special."

Something special as being a little bit further than 'best of the rest'? "Maybe. I won't know until I'll test the conditions but in a wet race anything can happen. People do mistakes and you can do more of a difference. We will see."


When we asked him about his pranks that are going on lately on Carlos Sainz, the Honey Badger revealed another detail: "Actually, you don't see that in the video, but I also tried to get Lando [Norris] as well but unfortunately I missed him... Anyway it isn't something I plan, it just cames. I just like having fun, that's all."

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