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German GP | Ferrari: unlucky in Germany or is the issue deeper than it seems?

Ferrari failed again in Germany, with both cars out of the fight for Pole Position. Where can we find the cause of the Red team problems?

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German GP | Ferrari: unlucky in Germany or is the issue deeper than it seems?
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No, Ferrari doesn’t really have luck in the German lands.
It has always been a long time fight the one between Italy and Germany, just take a look at the football matches history.
No, Italy and Germany are two words who really don’t fit together and still, there has been a time where an Italian car and a German driver wrote history together, breaking every kind of record in Motorsport, writing a story which is going to be immortal.
The F2004 is the only Ferrari that could do well, then, on the German track at the Hockenheimering. Mick Schumacher drove the only Ferrari who could win today: the comparison between the two cars can not be done, records and glory against issues, DNFs and poor performances. Both SF90 failed, again, to perform, after three strong free practice sessions. 

The German lands really don’t fit the Italian cars, as both Vettel and Leclerc failed to complete the Qualifying session, gifting Lewis Hamilton with another Pole Position.
Just when the Silver Arrows couldn’t give their 100%, Ferrari helps, showing all his flaws that, as today, cannot be found just on the aerodynamic side or the engine side. We are in front of a team who lost its own organization, leader, concentration, attitude of a Champion. Ferrari today is lost, from the last mechanic to the peak of the team and it is crazy to think that an episode like today’s happened here in Germany. 

Sebastian Vettel failed to even complete a lap in Q1, while Leclerc’s problem arrived between Q2 and Q3. No time in the last session for him, who is going to start P10.

The shock for the Red team and the fans is even harder, as here is where Sebastian Vettel completely throw away every chance to win the championship last year. From there on, the German and his team fell in a negative spiral, and they still can’t seem to recover from it.
If last year was the driver’s fault, this year we have to blame it all on the team. Sebastian Vettel feels lost when everything is not perfect and Ferrari is really far away from perfection: since Sergio Marchionne’s passing and Arrivabene’s quit, nothing has been the same, with people covering new roles and a lot to learn. Also, putting everything in the same hands, Mattia Binotto’s hands, wasn’t clearly a great choice, as the Team Principal simply can’t run everything from the car to the team organization. In Monaco, after Leclerc’s disastrous Quali, Binotto said the team still had to “learn”, but maybe the issue is deeper and they need to change something. 

Maybe the German Race Weekend is giving us some hints: when two things are destined to stay away from each other, there’s no way to put them together.
Exceptions are possible, but there has already been one.
Ferrari and the German Grand Prix really can’t get along, but maybe destiny is suggesting us that this can be also true for another marriage, the one between Ferrari and his German driver?
Yes, today’s fault was not Sebastian’s, but the German needs an happy team, a perfect team, and Ferrari needs a light guide, that can maybe be a young driver like Leclerc. Are the two gong to separate then? Anyway, Ferrari needs to fix all their issues, and they need to start from the apex, not the car. 

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