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German GP | Verstappen wins a crazy wet race in front of Sebastian Vettel

Max Verstappen wins an incredible German Grand Prix in front of Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kvyat. Rain fell on Hockenheim few times during the race, forcing drivers to an average 5 pit stops.

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German GP | Verstappen wins a crazy wet race in front of Sebastian Vettel
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The 2019 German GP saw the Formula 1 cars going for a couple of formation laps behind the Safety Car to check track conditions. The race goes then underway with 8 minutes of delay. The cars allign of the grid for a standing start with polesitter Lewis Hamilton keeping first position, while Verstappen dropping back to fourth.

Kimi Raikkonen, that gained the third position at the start, gets overtaken back by Verstappen.

Safety car is deployed already during the second lap due to Perez hitting the wall in turn eleven. This neutralization allowes Vettel and Albon to gamble the intermediate compound. Hamilton is called into the pits the following lap to cover the strategy, with all the pack that follows suit.

The SC leaves the track at the end of lap 4 with Hamilton still in the lead. Magnussen, that hasn't pitted yet, gets swalloed by the pack after having found himself up to second.

An investigation for unsafe release strikes over Charles Leclerc for having forced Grosjean into a suddent stop while leaving the Ferrari's box. The stewards decide to only fine the team for the unsafe release, so there is no penalty for Charles Leclerc. Meanwhile, a smile appears on the other half of the Scuderia's garage: Sebastian Vettel, who started last, after nine laps only already put himself up to seventh place.

Drops of rain start falling again on lap 11, sending Leclerc complitely sideways. The Monegasque manages to hold the car and his fourth position with it. On lap 15 Daniel Ricciardo is forced to retire due to an engine failure, causing a VSC situation. The #16 Ferrari pits for a new set of intrermediates. This strategy puts Leclerc on a 2 second a lap faster time compated to the others. The Monegasque is back in contention.

DRS is enabled and Max Verstappen without losing any time goes for a move on Valtteri Bottas. Second place still belongs to the Finn while the Dutchman goes sideways losing some seconds. Carlos Sainz runs wide at the last corner and spins. After a parking-like manouvre the Spaniard reaches back the track so no neutralization is needed.

Standing water is still a big danger while rain starts to fall again on lap 21. Nevertheless Kevin Magnussen gambles at puts soft slick tyres on. Vettel copies the strategy two laps later and so does Verstappen. The Danish driver flies but the rain keeps falling on sector one, causing a lot of uncertainty among the strategiests. The Dutchman's undercut attempt is ruined by a spin in sector 3 and the Finn manages to come out of the pits still in second.

Lando Norris stops the car trackside for a technical issue bringing in a VSC. Leclerc, once again, takes advantage of the situation by pitting for a red painted set of tyres. Lewis Hamilton, flawless so far, pits as well to put on a set of softs. The operation is slow but causes no trubble.

But just when he was into the fight, Leclerc runs out! On lap 28 the Monegasque driver goes wide on the second last turn and ends up in the barriers. Ferrari calls Sebastian into the pits for intermediates since the rain is increasing. Hamilton hits the wall in the same spot of Leclerc and cuts the pit entry to reach his box with a broken front wing. Mahyem in the Mercedes garage on the tyre choice costs the championship leader over 50 seconds. The Brit comes out of the pits in fifth position.

Safety Car is deployed with the positions that keep changing. Bottas pits for intras and finds himself in third, behind Max Verstappen, new leader, and Nico Hulkenberg. Between the two Silver Arrows, in fourth, sits Toro Rosso's Alex Albon, but a penalty might strike on Hamilton for the pit entry cutting.

On lap 34 the Safety Car is in and Sebastian Vettel overtakes Gasly for P8. A 5 second time penality is given to Lewis Hamilton who wasn't able to overtake Albon straight away. Another investigation is set on Hamilton's head for driving uneccesarily slowly under the Safety Car. Threatened by another possible time penality, Hamilton storms past Albon for P4 to dig the biggest gap he can.

The two Silver Arrows fly past Renault's Nico Hulkenberg putting themselves respectively P2 (Bottas) and P3 (Hamilton). After a brilliant driving, Kimi Raikkonen goes deep in the second last corner dropping from seventh to ninth, allowing Vettel and Gasly through. Few seconds later once again the Safety Car is back in track: the homeboy Nico Hulkenberg in in the wall. Same place, of course. Verstappen takes advantage of the free pit stop for a new set of intras. Vettel follows him in.

Safety car is in on lap 46. "No more rain expected until the end of the race" is told to Lewis Hamilton.

Lap 47 the race restarts and everyone comes in the pit except Hamilton, Raikkonen, Vettel, Giovinazzi, Stroll, Russell for dry tyres. Great battle between Raikonnen and Vettel, and they all pit in the lap. Hamilton spent 5 seconds more for the penalty and it is now behind Vettel and Raikkonen. Stroll is actually leading but immediately get overtaken by Verstappen.

So with 16 laps to go it’s Max Verstappen leading in front of Stroll and Kvyat, Bottas, Sainz, Magnussen, Abon, Gasly, Vettel, Grosjean, Raikkonen, Hamilton. What a crazy race by now as Kvyat is third with also fastest lap. Albon continues his great race with an overtake on Gasly. All those safety car created different strategies that led to a strange standings.

Verstappen is flying in 1:18.157 and he already has a 9 seconds lead on the strange duo Stroll and Kvyat. The Russian driver then passes Stroll in turn 6. Both Vettel and Hamilton are struggling in the back, respectively 7th and 12th, with Bottas fourth who is having trouble time to pass Stroll. Kvyat in second has gained a 2 seconds gap on Stroll.

Lap 53 and Hamilton has a spin, going off the track in turn 1, touching the wall but continuing the race once again. Bottas isn’t able to pass Stroll and then crashed in turn 1 at lap 56! Safety car again and Lewis Hamilton is again in the pit. Lap 60 and race restarts for final five laps. Verstappen leads to way in front of Kvyat, Stroll, Sainz, Vettel, Albon, Gasly, Raikkonemn, Grosjean, Giovinazzi.

Vettel inside Sainz for fourth and he completes the overtake. Fastest lap again for Max Verstappen, comfortably leading the way through the rest of the field. Sebastian Vettel overtakes Lance Stroll for podium position. Pierre Gasly crashes into Alexander Albon and the Frenchman has to retire. Lap 63 out of 64 and Vettel also passes Kvyat for second position.

Nothing happens in the last lap and Max Verstappen wins the German Grand Prix in front of Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kvyat.

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