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Hungarian GP | Sergio Perez: “My priority will be to continue with the team”

Sergio Perez about frustrating German race, Racing Point chances in Hungary and continuing work with the team.

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Hungarian GP | Sergio Perez: “My priority will be to continue with the team”
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On the first day of the Hungarian Grand Prix Sergio Perez from Racing Point shared with journalist his feelings on recent German race and also told about the chances of his team at Hungaroring.

Last weekend in Germany turned into a real disaster for Sergio Perez. On lap 3 the driver crashed his car into barriers after slithering off the track. German race could become one of the successful races for Racing Point and Sergio, since Lance Stroll showed that the car had a good pace and could get the podium. However, the team has managed to earn some points with one car, but probably lost a lot too.

"It was very very frustrating. It hurts a lot to be out of the race. I did a mistake and I’ve got learn from this. A lot of people did mistakes I think pretty much everyone made a mistake. But some gone a way with them, some didn’t," – Perez said.

"It was very important day for the team. Specially 20 or so laps to go, we were out of the points with one car on the wall. Very disappointed for the whole team. Lance result was great news for the team, because we went home with some points from a difficult weekend. It was important results for the whole team."

Hungarian weekend is the last Grand Prix of the first part of the season. Each team would like to have good results and earn big points to go to the holidays with sufficient gap from rivals. But even today the Racing Point driver said that the team doesn’t expect successful results here, since they have already had bad experience with Hungarian race.

"It’s our target to have a good race and come back stronger. Hungary isn’t a good place for us. Last year we had one of the worst races here. So, will see where we are here."

Also, Sergio noticed that the team has some updates in Hungary, however they aren’t specifically for Hungarian weekend, but rather for the rest of the season.

"We have some mechanical updates, and we will try them on Friday to see how they perform."

The upcoming summer break is always dedicated to drivers’ transfers and rumors about it. However, Sergio claimed that now his main target is to continue the work with Racing Point.

"My priority will be to continue with the team," – the driver said.  

However, his new deal is still finalising.

"It [the deal] isn’t done yet. We are finalising it, but you know in F1 until it’s done, it’s never done. So, as I’ve said, I see very good prospects for the future, so I look forward to it.”

"The prospect and ambitions of the team are very big. It would be good to get a long-term deal here because I see that the team is going forwards. I think it works both ways as well and we ideally would like to commit for a long-term deal. So hopefully we can work out the terms and conditions.”


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