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Hungarian GP | Special 24 hours for Daniil Kvyat

First podium with Toro Rosso and birth of the daughter in one day – Daniil Kvyat told about his amazing achievement during German Grand Prix.

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Hungarian GP | Special 24 hours for Daniil Kvyat
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German Grand Prix became a greatest achievement for the Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kvyat. In chaotic race he managed to make a podium, joined Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. Also night before the race his first child was born. So, a week later when emotions subsided Daniil remembered about that amazing time once again.

"We are already here in Hungary now but talking about last week it was a quite special 24, or 48 hours, either way you want to look at it. Obviously, I found out on Saturday night that I became a father, that my daughter is born and is doing great, so it’s a great feeling – but obviously the next day there was a race to do. It was important to stay focused on it. The race was great as well. It’s a podium. So, many things happened in 24 hours for me and, yeah, fantastic feeling.”

After finishing the race the Russian was very busy: as he said he went straight to the hospital on Sunday night to visit his girlfriend Kelly Piquet and baby daughter Penelope.

"Went straight to hospital on Sunday night, slept there with them – not too much sleep straight away after the race. So, for me, it was good. And then just home until leaving here to Hungary. Bit of recovery between races, light training but obviously always visiting Kelly and our daughter. And that’s it. Yesterday I arrived here.”

Obviously, going through so many although good events is stressful. Daniil did it successfully, and in general he shows himself this season very stress-resistant and calm, which indicates his mental transformation over the past few years, especially when he was out of the championship.

"I think it was important to realize the points that you can improve as a driver and as a person before my comeback to Formula 1. Obviously it wasn’t easy to lose the seat in the Formula 1 and at some point it was thought that there was no way back in for me. But since I got the call; back in, it was important to come back very prepared and better mentally prepared as well, I think. I think now all this work is paying off and I’m very happy with how things are working out,” – Daniil explained.

"I’m happy with the people around me, the team around me, how we work on things. It’s important that now I feel a much better driver than I was in the past. It’s also very important also to back this up with strong results.”

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