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Hungarian GP | Hamilton wins the race in Hungary, Verstappen gets P2 and Vettel is on P3

The Sunday chaotic race has finished at Hungaroring with Hamilton's victory.

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Hungarian GP | Hamilton wins the race in Hungary, Verstappen gets P2  and Vettel is on P3
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The Sunday morning was perfect weather: the sun, the heat - 27 degrees and no hint of possible rain.

The Hungarian race started at 15:10 local time. At the start many expected the clashes between Max Verstappen and one of Mercedes, or between two Mercedes. In fact, the start has no incidents, however it was quite risky.

Max has managed to keep the leading position, what Bottas couldn’t do. Then, Charles Leclerc also has overtaken Valtteri, hitting his front wing with his left rear wheel. However, the race direction decided not to investigate this incident.

Immediately after the Charles’ attack Valtteri was followed by Vettel’s overtaking. Bottas has moved to the 4th position. Mercedes was waiting for the driver on the pit stop, to set a new wing on his car, but the Finn went to the pits only on lap 6, and returned to the track at the last position.

While the general attention was focused on the leaders, there were some changes between the drivers of the midfield. Carlos Sainz has overtaken his teammate Lando Norris. Pierre Gasly lost a few positions, losing out to Sainz, Norris and Raikkonen.

After Bottas moving to the end of the peleton, Ferrari began to adjust Charles, as they had a real chance to come to the podium. First, the lack of Bottas, and secondly – suitable weather conditions. The team and the driver began to work out plans: switching from A to B.

On the 15th lap Nico Hulkenberg has complained that he had no power on the straights. His teammate Daniel Ricciardo was on P15.

On lap 17 it began a spectacular fight between Perez, Kvyat and Albon. However, soon Perez left the group and went to the pits. Toro Rosso drivers began to fight among themselves for the 11th position. In a beautiful fight won Kvyat, but the driver acted quite harshly, forcing Alex to leave the road.

The leader of the race Max Verstappen began to ask the team to change tyres, because he was losing a lot of time and risked losing the position to Lewis. However, teams were forced driver to wait long, making his very nervous. Max has changed the Medium to Hard on lap 26 and returned to the track on P2 behind Lewis. A few laps later, Lewis also went to the pits, putting Hard. Max led the race again.

Charles Leclerc also visited the boxes, where he also chose Hard. He returned to the track right behind his teammate Sebastian Vettel, on P4.

Lando, driving behind the leaders, went to pit stop for new tyres, but was the victim of a mechanics’ hitch. He returned to the track 11th, but immediately started a fight with Ricciardo. He could overtake Daniel and then Kevin Magnussen. Then he has passed Bottas, who was already on 9th position, and was on P8.

On lap 38 circle Sebastian was told that after 3 laps he switch to plan C. Apparently, it was about the Soft choice, as on lap 40 Vettel drove into the boxes, where he took the red tyres. Ferrari again made a mistake - a hitch with the front left wheel.

Before that, on lap 39, Lewis almost overtook Max, but in the last attempt lost the car and drove off the track.

On lap 40 Lewis has faced problems with the tyres, it wore out very quickly. While Max lacked the power and asked the team to give him more of that. However, the team said that at this moment he has all the power.

On lap 49 Lewis went into the pits, and put the Medium. The pit stop was successful, Lewis didn’t lose his position and returned the second.

As for Ferrari, their situation was remaining the same, Charles was on P3 and Sebastian on P4. So, it seemed like Softs didn’t give to Seb any advantages. Valtteri Bottas also couldn’t make any improvements, staying on P9 for few laps.  

To 57 circle Verstappen has increased his lead over Hamilton to almost 15 seconds (!). Lewis began to stamp the fastest laps one after another, however. Meanwhile, in a midfield Magnussen and Ricciardo were fighting for 14th place. But Kevin has managed to keep his position.

On the last laps Lewis has managed to get closer to Max, losing him only about 0,5 seconds. On lap 67 Hamilton easily overtook Verstappen. Moreover, the Dutch went to the pits as his tyres were totally done. He returned to the track second. On lap 69 Vettel woke up and attacked Leclerc, going to the podium on P3.

In chaotic race Lewis Hamilton secured the seventh victory at Hungarian Grand Prix. 


Top 3 of the Hungarian race: Hamilton, Verstappen, Vettel, Leclerc, Sainz, Gasly, Raikkonen, Bottas, Norris, Albon.

The full classification of the race: 


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