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Hungarian GP | Sunday top 3 press conference

The winner of the Hungarian race Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel at the Sunday press conference.

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Hungarian GP | Sunday top 3 press conference
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Today, the participants of the post-race press conference changed slightly compared to Saturday: Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton changed the places, and Sebastian Vettel replaced Valtteri Bottas.

After such a chaotic race with an unpredictable ending drivers were asked about their emotions after the finish.

"We were just not fast enough. I tried everything I could on that hard tyre to stay alive but unfortunately it was just not enough. But still, second and fastest lap, I think a good weekend overall for us. Of course congrats to Lewis for the win. He was pushing me very hard, so I like that. Today we didn’t win but again, like I said, it was a good day, a good weekend for us," – said Max.

"I was sitting in P4 and had nothing to lose so we stayed out very long in the first stint and then just hoped that the soft would last until the end, and it did. I think it was the fastest tyre at the end so we were able to close the gap. We had one opportunity, which I took, so happy to get some champagne now and to cool down," – Vettel told about his race.  

Before the press conference, the winner of the Hungarian race Lewis Hamilton was a little late, but then joined Sebastian and Max.

"I feel really grateful for the day and for the team for continuing to believe in me and continuing to push to the limits and to take a risk and a chance on me. We’ve been together for seven years and it never gets old, it always feels brand new. It feels like a new win for us. If it wasn’t for these boys here and all the guys back at the factory this wouldn’t be even possible and I’m just grateful to be a part of it. Yeah, for a race to be able to push like that, I’m telling you now it was on the limit all the way."

During the race between Lewis and Max was wheel-to-wheel struggle. Lewis said that he got real pleasure from the fight with the opponent, and he is glad that Red Bull has improved its shape.

"It’s really fantastic to see Red Bull’s progress. Obviously we’re in a period of time, particularly this track has been a track that they’ve always been particularly fast in, in previous years and it’s really awesome for Honda as well, to see their progression. They’ve got a lot of power in that engine. Red Bull were quicker than us on a single lap this weekend and we thought we were relatively level in the race but we were just able to keep up with them and match their times. I think it’s going to continue for the races to come."

At the end of the press conference drivers were asked to rate their first part of the season. Sebastian rated his result by 5 points, Lewis chose 8.9, and Max refrained from placing the numbers.

"Five, not happy with the first half. I think I struggled here and there to really get on top of the car. I think we’ve been trying a lot of things so fair enough. Obviously we wanted to squeeze out more so you’re always looking for more but I feel I can do a better job in the second half. And five is my number, so take five," – Sebastian explained.

"So that’s the first half of the season, yeah? I’d say like 8.9, 8.8," – Lewis stated.

"I hate putting a number on it because it reminds me of school as well, which is not that long ago. I’m always quite critical and I think it always can be better. I’ll never be satisfied. I think it’s been very positive and I’ve had good results but there are always things to work on," – Max said.

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