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The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Budapest and who earned our Special Prize.

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Budapest
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It’s finally August, it’s time to lay in the sunshine, take a swim, drink cocktails. and…. wait, did I forget something? 

Oh yes. How did I dare to?

But no worries, ladies and gentlemen. Before taking my flight for a secret destination, I registered all the team radios from the Hungarian Grand Prix.  

Are you ready? 

Maybe you are, but someone else is not.  

So let’s box this lap, then do the start.
Kimi Raikkonen - “Oh no, I’m not coming out if there’s rain.” (FP1)

Guess what was his reaction when Alfa’s engineers told him he had to drive all weekend long, even under the rain.

Kimi Raikkonen - “******************.” (Q1)

Surely the Ice Man is happier now that he’s enjoying his summer break in Italy, but he’s not the only one.

Daniil Kvyat  - “Okay I locked the outside front wheel.”
“Okay, close the lap please
Daniil Kvyat - “Ah, no, I don’t push anymore.”
“It’s fine, it’s fine, close the lap please. Push now
.” (FP1)

Daniil was already happy with a daughter and a podium, I guess he could’ve ended his first part of the season in Germany. 

And you know what happens in August: everyone gets in the car to get to the beach, there’s traffic and you have to wait hours and hours and… wait, that’s what happens at every Grand Prix!

Sebastian Vettel - “I had a bit o traffic in the last sector, not just a bit. Quite heavy.” (FP1)

Charles Leclerc - “They’re staying in the middle, completely.” (FP1)

Mode charge.”
Charles Leclerc - “It’s too much guys, we need to… aah.. “
“Albon behind, 1 second
Charles Leclerc - “Yeah, it was too late. Can we stop for front wing change?” (FP3)

Sergio Perez - “What the f**k is wrong with Ricciardo, man? He f**ked his lap, he f**ks our lap.” (Q2)

Some engineers are late, others are always on time , but not every drivers enjoys this kind of warnings. 

To Lando Norris - “Box now. No, stay out, stay out, stay out!” (Race)

Giovinazzi now the car behind, Giovinazzi.”
Lance Stroll - “You don’t have to tell me everything, I know it’s Giovinazzi behind me.”(Race)

Carlos Sainz - “Yeah people should learn from Russell.” (Race)

What are you trying to say, Carlos?

The truth is one complains like them, the Haas boys. 

Kevin Magnussen - “What the hell was Kvyat doing?
We’ll talk about it with them, scenario Kvyat and Gasly, watch out Kvyat and Gasly pushing behind. 
Kevin Magnussen - “Kvyat just completely get out of the way.” (Q1)

Romain Grosjean - “Mate the f**k, what is he doing? You can not slow down here, you can not slow down here.”
“Understood, we will report it
.” (Q1)

At least they were not crashing between them! 

Magnussen behind.”
Max Verstappen - “Unbelievable, man, this session, he just keep sliding on entry.” (FP1)

Daniil Kvyat - “Where is Grosjean braking, so suddenly?”
“I don’t know mate.” (FP2)

Charles Leclerc - “What the hell! He’s always in the middle!” (Race)

Daniel Ricciardo - “I don’t know what I could have done with that guy there. I don’t know how many warnings he needs, but yeah.”
“Yeah, understood. I saw you gave him what he deserved.” (Checkered flag)

Ah, someone complaining about Kevin or Romain, it’s a classic. 

Our beloved Guenther will surely not have quiet holidays, thanks to his drivers. 

We feel you, Steiner, we do.

Romain Grosjean - “Okay, brother, there’s an issue. Find it, but there’s an issue.”
“Okay, we’re looking.

Romain Grosjean - “I got everything, understeer and oversteer.” (FP1)

So Kevin if you haven’t understand the car balance, we can stop running or we can carry another push if you want. It’s up to you.
Kevin Magnussen - “Let’s learn a little bit.” 
“Okay, understood, carry on.” (FP2)

Kevin Magnussen - “Something’s happened.”
“Okay, understood, mode push. We’re checking.”
Kevin Magnussen - “Is it a puncture or..?
Pressure okay, did you have contact I guess?” (Race)

All regular administration, until… 

We are going to swap position. If you can take advantage we’re gonna swap back later, so he’s gonna be swapping position with you.” 
Kevin Magnussen - “I have no idea what we’re doing. You know, I’m not saying we’re wrong, but… You need to tell me more.”
“Okay understood. We’re going to the end."
Kevin Magnussen - “Okay, but where are we? Compared to other people.” 
“Right now we’re P15, we’re trying to get inside Ricciardo’s window.” (Race)

But Ricciardo had a different plan..

Daniel Ricciardo - ”Alright, this ******* is taking the *****! Moving under braking.”
“OK, we’re on it. We’re on it. Stay focused.” (Race)

Please, for our own happiness, keep them both for next year, we’re begging you! 

Carlos Sainz - “Now is raining more than ever.” (FP2)

Is it the Rihanna song, Carlos?

The rain reappeared in Hungary and someone tried to steal Lando’s place as our Weather Man, but they couldn’t. So they kept complaining about other stuff..

Daniil Kvyat - “There is something that is blowing in my eyes too much. Like the wind. Too much wind in my eyes and the visor is fully shut so I don’t know where it comes from.” (Pre- race) 

And obviously, the Ice Man is never happy.

Kimi Raikkonen - “I think in the future I don’t know does it make any difference, but maybe it’s not better, better not leave the [steering] wheel in the sun. it was boiling hot when I took it on my hands.” 
“Yeah, it’s a good point.” (Pre- race)

I can here in my mind that wonderful Monaco team radio… “Steering wheel, hey! Somebody tell him to give it to me, come on! 

Ah, such a sweet melody. 

Anyway, I think we should rename the Hungarian Grand Prix as the Complaining Grand Prix. 

Max Verstappen - “Right mirror again, keeps moving.” (FP1)

Daniil Kvyat - “Steering wheel wasn’t straight on the last main straight.” (FP1)

Pierre Gasly - “Can you check the front right?”
“The front right tyre?
Pierre Gasly - “The front right part of the wing.” (FP3)

Carlos Sainz - “The engine is horrible.”
“We need a location to where you see the problem.” (FP3)

Charles Leclerc - “It’s very dangerous of how the put the Marshalls in the middle of the last corner to tell us there are actually cars. Obviously, I was driving very slow, but I didn’t expect twelve cars in the middle of the corner.”
“Understood, we’re taking note on that.
” (Pre- race)

But the best is yet to come, and why not start with our Hit Parade? This time coming in an Extended Version, as.. you know, we’ll get our summer break too! 

Third place for the fight of the race: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen raced themselves until the very end. We all know who won, but let’s see what happened during those 70 laps!

Max’s weekend started with the right foot when he scored his first ever Pole Position on Saturday. 

Better late than never mate, better late than never! Congratulations!
Max Verstappen - “Ha ha ha. Yes boys! Come on! Yes! Aah, this feels good. This feels really good.” (Q3)

But then, the race started. 

Max Verstappen - “Tyres are really not in the best state.” (Race)

Max Verstappen - “I’ve gotta say once again now. I’m losing grip.”
“And we have understood, Max.” (Race)

Max Verstappen - “Always tell me when he has DRS or no.” (Race) 

Lewis Hamilton - “What more can I do, man?”
“Just keep the pressure on. Once you’ve got the temps up…
Lewis Hamilton - “I can’t keep the pressure on!” (Race)

And then, Mercedes pit wall had a crazy, brilliant, perfectly working idea. And even if Lewis was skeptical about it, it worked. Oh, it really did! 

Max Verstappen - “We should’ve pitted as well.”
“We can confirm we would’ve come out behind Hamilton.
” (Race)

Okay Max. 
Max. Verstappen - “It’s good as I can be, I’m trying.”
“It’s good for me at the moment
.” (Race)

Max Verstappen - “Tyres are dead. I cannot finish the race like this.”
“Box and please confirm.” (Race)

But Max did and took his 2nd place with diplomacy. 

And 2nd place for all the celebrations of the race! 

Yeah, they rolled the dice and it worked for them unfortunately. But you drove your heart you today, so well done.
Max Verstappen - “Yeah, exactly. I mean P2 is still good. Good amount of points.”“Well done, keep your chin up.” (Checkered flag)

Wow! Just wow, mate! What a drive! What a strategy! Only you could make that happen today mate. Awesome work today.”
James Vowles - “Lewis, it’s James. Well done, mate! That was an incredible drive. Really, really impressive. You earned that!”
Lewis Hamilton - “Thank you so much James, Bono. You guys, thank you so much for this weekend. I know the last one was a difficult one, but really appreciate you continuing to push. And James, sorry I doubted that strategy. That was a tall mountain. That was definitely a toll order. But grateful we did it.
James Vowles - “Yeah, well done mate. We knew you had it in you.
Lewis Hamilton - “Hoo hoo. Aah man, that feels good! That feels so good! I hope you’re feeling it too!”
Toto Wolff - “Lewis this is Toto, we nearly **** our pants. Enjoy. Congratulations.”
Lewis Hamilton - “Hehehehehe.”
Toto Wolff - “See you on the podium.”
Lewis Hamilton - “I’m glad we don’t have to clean that up then.”
“Yeah, me too. Ha ha.” (Checkered flag)

We had an happy Sebastian too! 

Sebastian Vettel - “Yup, yup, yup buddy! Lightweeeeeight. Grazie. That was a difficult one, a tough one, a long one. But hanging in there in the first stint paid off at the end so…” (Checkered flag)

First place for the absolute winner of this Grand Prix. 

After a podium which was really, really close, Carlos Sainz studied every single move he did during the weekend. And earned a fifth place, once again. Who would have thought it? 

Chili already made social media talk about him… Lando is surreal teaching him something!

So currently all Marshall posts are not reporting rain."
Carlos Sainz - “The Marshalls must be having a beer then. Wheeeey!” (FP2)

And the, the real work started! 

Carlos Sainz - “Are people still improving or not?”
“Yeah, people are still improving. Ricciardo 3 seconds behind.
Carlos Sainz - “Lap time, what are they doing?”
“It’s a bit mixed. Fastest is Verstappen 32.6, Magnussen 32.9, Ricciardo 33.2.
Carlos Sainz - “Wow. Are they doing constant laps or not?”
“Magnussen is doing 2 laps at the time, Ricciardo similar.” (FP2)

And Purple C4, position 3.”
Carlos Sainz - “A bit of focus, please, guys.” (Race)

He is not even afraid of Grosjean. 

Grosjean just pitted.”
Carlos Sainz - “Be patient, guys, I have pace.” (Race)

Carlos Sainz - “Are we planning to fight someone at the end of the race?”
“So Gasly is the car behind, you’re racing him to the end.” (Race)

And… you remember his song right?

Great job, Carlos. P5 again, P5. If it didn’t feel great last time, it must feel pretty good today. Wonderful job all afternoon.”
Carlos Sainz - “You are damn right, Thomaso. Yes, vamos tio! Aah!”
Carlos Sainz - “Haha. I enjoyed a lot that one. Thank you guys. Thank you for this amazing first half of the season. Aah, we’re on a run! Come on! Tom, do you know what that was? That was a smoother operatorrrrrrrrrr! Smoooooooth operationnnnnnnnnnn!
Carlos, check the radio, we seem to have picked up some dodgy music channel again!
Carlos Sainz - “Na na na na na na na, na na na na na na. That’s better?”
“Er, maybe.” (Checkered flag)

Carlos earns the top of our Hit Parade for a fantastic weekend, but most of all because he is the only one who sings for real in this show!!

Aaah, I love it!

It’s not all roses here. Do you remember who was Chili’s team mate last year? 
Yes, Nico Hulkenberg. And if Daniel Ricciardo still has his moves to overtake the Haas boys, Nico is struggling. A. Lot. Nico, the Special Prize: Honestly, where are you doing? goes to you and your team. 

Nico Hulkenberg - “The car pulling to the right on the straight, just for information.” (FP3)

Slip 3 please, that’s a 9 o’clock.
Nico Hulkenberg - “It’s the wrong time to tell me. No time in Sector 2.” (Race)

Nico Hulkenberg - “I don’t know if electric is safe. I don’t know if you don’t see that. And I don’t have power. Somehow I pick up more and more understeer as well.”
“Copy that Nico, just have to make the best we can with what we got. You have a better pace than Grosjean, it’s not gonna get any worse, the problem is stabilized.” 
Nico Hulkenberg -Got no power on the straight, mate. And it’s getting worse!” (Race) 

Nico Hulkenberg - “Is this pace acceptable or what? I’m too slow.”
“You need to go as fast as you can. Can you do 5 more laps? Question, can you do 5 more laps?
Nico Hulkenberg - “Yeah, but I don’t have more pace. That’s it.” (Race)

Nico, what’s happening? Maybe it was the podium too damn close in Germany that is now giving you nightmares? 
We believe in you. 

I hope you’re enjoying your summer break and we will do the same.
We hope you enjoyed this edition of Formula 1 Radio, but don’t worry: we will come back soon!
Enjoy your summer!

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