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Lewis Hamilton strives for perfection in 2019

Despite dominating the current seasons, the five times Formula 1 World Champions wants to know why he has not won all the races in the first part of the champions.

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Lewis Hamilton strives for perfection in 2019
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After winning eight out of 12 races before the summer break, Lewis Hamilton is currently leading the Drivers’ standing with an advantage of 62 over his team-mate Valtteri Bottas. With no doubts, the W10 has been the most competitive car, and the British driver has exploited its potential at the fullest with an exceptional start.

Nevertheless, Hamilton, interviewed by Autosport, reckons that his current performance has not been perfect, remarking how some of the races, such as Bahrain and Baku, were quite fortunate.

"But I look at those races and 8 out of 12, there's still some missing," he said.

"So how did we miss those? How were we not perfect on those weekends?

"We've also had races where we were quite fortunate, Ferrari were quicker but through sometimes team error and sometimes driver error, it's put them in the position of not winning.

"Like Baku or Bahrain, where they had the car failure and otherwise would have won.

"It just shows you how on the edge we all are, and you can't take anything for granted."

Hamilton continued pointing out how the secret of the Mercedes’ competitiveness strands in an high degree of commitment and hard work.

"The majority of the time we don't get complacent," he said.

"We always arrive with the same mentality. We've had all this success, everyone continues to work just as hard, nobody's better than the other and we all lift each other up."

"Those who have had success will know how hard it is to achieve it even if you have performance.

"You've still got to arrive and deliver, week-in week-out”, he underlined.

Hamilton concluded analyzing the main competitors, Ferrari and Red-Bull, indicating how the SF90 is facing some issues with its aerodynamic philosophy, while the RB15 has improved significantly with the last Honda engine upgrades.

"Ferrari has had a good package, obviously come with a certain [aerodynamic] philosophy this year that doesn't work everywhere.

"Red Bull, I don't know what changes they've done to the car, but they seem to have really been able to turn it round and the engine's made a big step for them which is great."

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