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The ultimate adios of Alonso to F1?

After the news of another adventure for Fernando out in the sand and dunes of 2020 Dakar, it’s still unclear if several top teams denied the offer of the Spaniard or if there’s something hidden.

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The ultimate adios of Alonso to F1?
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For sure one the possible moves most desired by many. And one of the more exciting. Fernando Alonso could have been on the verge of joining some of the teams of F1 after having resigned its dominant position at McLaren to the compatriot Sainz and to debutant Norris; only a little appearance at the post-race Bahrain collective tests was urged to continue the development work carried on through the last season, as team paid tribute to the progresses made by him and Vandoorne in last seasons.

As nothing more was planned for the season for the double champion, being sit in prototype cars at Daytona and Le Mans, and in IndyCar at the Indianapolis 500, the hints of mid July claiming Alonso near to replace Pierre Gasly at Red Bull within the 2019 season were covered by scepticism: a part from Ricciardo’s move to Renault, the drivers market of last years has always lacked of originality, without seeing big names moving within the grid; in fact only new entries coming and going (Wehrlein, Vandoorne, Stevens, Gutierrez, Ericsson, …) were the biggest news between Budapest and Spa rounds. However, after the second sacking in three years of a current driver, Red Bull set the record that changing line-up (with improving results) is a possible move during the stages of a season.

Helmut Marko explains why did Red Bull choose Albon instead of Kvyat.

But the confirmation of the desire of both parts to join forces have been made clear by Helmut Marko itself: “Alonso's representatives have let us know that he is available, but for Honda, Alonso is something impossible" told the consultant to Motorsport.com; the years of complained lack of power from engine had compromised his relationship with the Japanese company and his future prospects of driving ever again a Honda propelled car. On the other side ‘Nando’ wasn’t new to pursuing the way that leads towards Milton Keynes, when in last September replied that he “said no to offers, including one from Red Bull, because the projects weren't winning ones”.

Alonso isn’t new to such kinds of openings: back in June he admitted to Marca that he didn’t reached an agreement with Mercedes chief Toto Wolff, back in 2016, after Nico Rosberg retirement. “If I decide to return to Formula One, it'll only be if there's a real possibility of winning the world title” was his thought, trying to capture the antennas of Ferrari and Mercedes for a clamorous comeback.

But now? What could be the real chances of such a return for Fernando? With the fairly tale of Robert Kubica seeming to come to an end within this season, the Spaniard should worry more on rally raids rather than tracks. On the other hand, a double champion isn’t what can be found behind the corner: even Liberty Media could care for seeing again the Oviedo driver fastening the belts.

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