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Honda called to important decisions between present and future

The Japanese manufacturer is in front of difficult decisions for the current season and for its future within the Circus: when introducing the new engine spec this year? Should the company remain in F1 or not?

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Honda called to important decisions between present and future
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The summer break should have been enough hard for the technicians and managers at Honda: vital decisions for its future (hopefully winning) permanence in the F1 championship need to be settled.

Priority to the partnership with Red Bull, is to decide when the new specification of engine should be released; the back-to-back Spa and Monza are the next two rounds and the supply from powertrain is second to no one other races in calendar; next stop will be Singapore, probably the historic race where Red Bull always performed well since its introduction; ultimately, the home Grand Prix of Suzuka, where the big names of the company are awaiting a strong performance from the multi-million investment machine based in Milton Keynes. Four chances of proving that the hard work carried on can significantly Verstappen claiming his third win of the season.

The point of the entire matter relieves on the penalty that the British team is going to receive for the engine upgrade: Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda’s F1 technical director, described it as “very complicated”. His entourage is now convicted that their Power Units can now last for an entire term of six races (“After the race we review the situation, the condition of the PU, maybe two or three races is the short-term.

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And the long-term means until the end of the season” told to Motorsport.com) without losing performance or reliability: the double win provided by “Mad Max” boosted the morale and the belief that an upgrade in power is possible in order to catch Mercedes and Ferrari. Approaching the distances between Red Bull and the two top teams is vital for prosecuting the campaign in the main auto championship of the world: “I think [that another good result] it’s going to encourage us for continuation,” said F1 managing director Masashi Yamamoto “Honda and generally in society [in Japan] are in a very good mood that Honda has won. I think it’s going to be very good for us”

Yamamoto has been literally plunged into F1 for the partnership with Red Bull, been the director of all the motorsport activities of the Nippon giant: on his shoulder there’s the future of the sporting branch that claimed victories with champions like Senna and Prost. An announcement about the plans of the company has been claimed but without a specific deadline: “It’s very difficult to clarify at this moment about the timing. It’s true we’re discussing it within the company. But we can’t really say when we can announce it, at the moment”.

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