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Belgian GP | Charles Leclerc asked Ferrari to change the original plan during the SPA qualifying session

The Monegasque driver pointed out that he asked his team to leave the “perfect slipstream” plan and send him on the track as soon as the car was ready.

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Belgian GP | Charles Leclerc asked Ferrari to change the original plan during the SPA qualifying session
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Charles Leclerc was with no doubts the dominator of the Spa qualifying session. The Monegasque driver set his pole position with a 1:42.519 on his second attempt, 0.7 faster than his team-pair Sebastian Vettel, improving significantly his first fast lap.

The Ferrari’s talent indicated that the performance was to the strategy change decided after his initial turn. In particular, Leclerc remarked that abandoning the perfect slipstream strategy, allowed to find the best temperature window for the Pirelli tyres.

"At first I really targeted the perfect slipsteam for the first run in Q3," he said.

"But after that I felt the tyres were not ready for Turn 1 and I actually lost quite a bit of time.

"For the second run in Q3 I asked to be sent whenever the car was ready, to be alone and try to do the job alone without slipstreams.

"In my opinion, on my car, it felt better to have tyres in the right window than having the slipstream so we went as soon as possible."



On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel, underlined that he lost a lot of time with the cars standing in front of him, making his SF90 loosing downforce and performance in the second sector.

Despite, Vettel, reckoned that the SF90 has an important advantage over its contenders in the straights, leading him to the second place on his second attempt at the expenses of Lewis Hamilton, starting third tomorrow ahead of his Mercedes pair Valterri Bottas.

"It was more important to get the tyres in the right position for me, or in the right place," said Vettel.

"On both laps I was too close to the cars in front and the tyres were not right to start the lap with.

"It was lose/lose. The straights were good but I was too close and lost quite a lot of time in sector two.

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