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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Spa - Francorchamps

The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Spa - Francorchamps  and who earned our Special Prize.

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Spa - Francorchamps
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Summer days are unfortunately over, but this only means that Formula 1 is back!

This also means that Formula 1 Radio is back, for the happiness of millions of fans world wide.

What is it that they say? Humility before anything else. 

Ferrari finally scored its first victory this season, and we all know how troubled the way was until the last Sunday. No, I mean, literally… someone in Ferrari was still dreaming about hot beaches.

Proper push in lap.”
Sebastian Vettel - “You mean proper mode race?”
“Yeah. Mode race and push this.” (FP1)

Don’t blame him, Sebastian. It’s just a small mistake. 

We need to improve apex speed turn 7 and exit last corner, the rest is fine.
Charles Leclerc - “Braking 4-7?
Apex speed, mid corner speed.”
Charles Leclerc - “Oh, okay.”(FP2)

Guess Sebastian’s race engineer has some company dreaming at the Pit wall. 

Thankfully Charles and Seb are fully focused on the job. 

Charles Leclerc - “We are.. it’s the same thing I said in the last race. With the Virtual Safety car,  when you are very slow..  the delta updates very very slowly, so..
Yeah, it’s a bit difficult.
Charles Leclerc - “Yeah, I’ll explain later.” (FP2)

It hasn’t been an easy weekend for the German. 

Done it, P2. And Charles P1. Nice. job.
Sebastian Vettel - “What a mess! What a mess! What a mess! F**k! Traffic!” (Q3)

Despite anything Lewis Hamilton could say, Sebastian knew what to do. And when to pit.

Lewis Hamilton - “Vettel’s not that quick.”
“Okay, copy that message Lewis. Straight line speeds don’t look that impressive.
” (Race)

Sebastian Vettel - “We got to pit again? Question?” 
“The fight is with Hamilton to the end. No pit again, at the moment.
Sebastian Vettel - “The tyres won’t make it to the end. He’s gonna walk over us.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “I didn’t hear the go. He tells us to go and I wasn’t ready.” (Q2)

Oh, Lewis, guess you were daydreaming with Ferrari’s race engineers. 

Our beloved Romain Grosjean may lose his seat for next season and we are already getting mad. Really mad. 

We can’t live without. you, Romain. 

Romain Grosjean - “I don’t what’s going on in turn 1 on the braking. It’s all good, but the front ones seems to lock.”
“Watch for Leclerc.
Romain Grosjean - “Yeah..”
“Okay, we’re looking.

Romain Grosjean - “Oh, come on!” (FP1)

Okay dude, so cars ahead do have old tyres. There’s still chances, let’s stick with this one."
Romain Grosjean - “No! There is no! There is no! There is no! I’m sorry dude, I’ve been here for thirty laps. There’s no chance. We’re missing 20 kph, I cannot do anything. You know, it’s not against you, it’s not against anything, it’s what we’re here to do, but… For racing it’s impossible. I’m just being overtaken lap after lap!” (Race)

Can you imagine Guenther without him? Sigh! 

Another one crying was Lando Norris. 

Our favorite web star had an. Engine failure just meters before the checkered flag. 

Lando Norris - “I’m losing power! I’m losing power! It’s going!”
“Okay, keep going, Safety Car… Keep going, keep going for now, keep going.

Lando Norris - “I can’t, it’s broken! It’s broken! Anti-stall. It’s off. F**k! *****! *****! *****! I’m out.”
“We’re over the line, so just pull over to one side, please. Pull over to one side. Go to P1. Pause for 4 seconds.
Lando Norris - “Nooooo!” 
Go to P0. I’m so sorry.” (Race)

This is so D-R-A-M-A-T-I-C.

Drama happened during the first lap too, between Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen. 

If the Dutchman race ended after few kilometers, Kimi kept going. And talking.

Kimi Raikkonen - “Some f**king idiot hit me completely!  F**k,  f**k!! These people!
Kimi Raikkonen - “He hit me again, the f**king same guy!” 
“Okay, all your tyres okay?
Kimi Raikkonen - “There’s something that’s not right… Yeah, something doesn’t feel right.”
“Okay, we will box and then check the car.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “Probably the floor is f**ked! F**k! F**k!”
“Yeah, I know.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “Where..? How did…? There was no space at all, I was as out as I could be. Or what happened? Did you see?”
“Yeah, you’re right. I think it was Verstappen on the inside and he jumped in, but I need to see the replay.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “Ok.” (Race)

Max Verstappen - “Damage, damage. He just turns in on me, what is he doing?” (Race)

Okay, Kimi, so your right hand side floor is quite badly damaged.
Kimi Raikkonen - “Yeah I have zero grip on the rear.”
“Yeah, I can see, stand by. Okay, Kimi, so we can see around 20 point loss on the floor, so…

Kimi Raikkonen - “Yeah, but we have to stop to drop the front wing, otherwise it’s impossible when we have one end.”
“Okay, okay, stand by.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “So box this lap?” 
“Yes, box, box!” 
Kimi Raikkonen - “Yeah, come on! Stay awake!” (Race)

Stay awake! Stay awake!  Kimi is the oldest on track and says this to his engineer? He is what? 70? 

And now, instead of our Hit Parade, let’s celebrate with the happiest team radio of the weekend. 

Charles Leclerc topped every session but FP1, and celebrated his 2nd F1 Pole Position on Sunday.

So, Pole Position. P1, yourself. Really good job.
Charles Leclerc - “Come on baby! Yes! Yes!! Congratulations guys, 1-2! Boom!” (Q3)

And what a better way to end the weekend? First Formula 1 win. Chapeau, Charles! 

Charles Leclerc - “Congratulations, yes,” 
“Well done!” 
Charles Leclerc - “My first victory in F1. This is is a hard one. It feels good but difficult to enjoy on a weekend like this. But thanks for everything guys. You’re the best. A dream some true, anyway.” (Checkered flag)

Alex Albon has disputed his first Gran Prix as a Red Bull Racing driver. 

He is also in the Humility Club as we are. P5, well done! 

Excellent work Alex. P5, P5, well done mate! 
Alex Albon - “Yeah, thanks guys. That wasn’t a very good job to be honest. Ugh, I struggled really at the start, but.. Anyway, thank you! 
Christian Horner - “Well done Alex, that was a really strong drive today, really very good. P5 from the back of the grid, great start, well done!” (Checkered flag)

But the best team radio is delivered by the Daniil Kvyat. 

P7, P7 Dany. Good job, fantastic! Mode 11.
Daniil Kvyat - “Yes! F**K! Good job guys! This, I f**king love it!”
“Was a very good race, Dany
Daniil Kvyat - “Grazie a tutti. Grandissimi. Bravi! Bravi bravi bravi! Why you wanted me to push on the last lap? You wanted the fastest lap or something? It’s not a… you know. It’s not like we have an airplane!” (Checkered flag)

You know, he’s the Torpedo, but he still keeps his feet on the ground. 

It’s everything from Spa- Francorchamps.

This time Formula 1 Radio is visibly shorter. Sometimes it’s hard to laugh and make fun of our drivers knowing that reality can destroy the idea we have of these guys. 
Normal people, but at the same time heroes. 
They know what they are going through every time they get in the car. But when it happens, it is always really hard. 

This is for Anthoine. 

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