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Italian Gp | Kimi Raikkonen - "We need to get the points we really deserve"

The Finn, the last one to win a Championship with Ferrari, back in 2007, after yesterday's celebrations in Milan, is ready to face the Italian Grand Prix and give everything on track. 

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Italian Gp | Kimi Raikkonen - "We need to get the points we really deserve"
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After yesterday party in Piazza Duomo in Milan, Kimi Raikkonen is back in his Alfa Romeo clothes and is already thinking about the upcoming race. 

It’s the home race for us also, hopefully we can have a speed similar to the last race and at least we can be in the fight. We’ll see how the weather plays out.” Said the Finn to the media in the Italian Paddock. 

I think in Spa we were similar comparing to previous races. I would say Hungary and Spa are two completely different tracks. Hungary is a downforce track. It’s nice to see that the cars seems to be strong enough on both different levels and layouts.”

Despite being competitive on paper, Alfa Romeo is only 8th in the constructors championship.

Some days are better than others, it’s always hard to get everything completely right. We always hope for more. I think where we are, in terms of points, it’s not really showing what we are capable of this year. I think we have all the capabilities to be in P5. We have to maximize our speed and get the points we really deserve. Obviously there are some races left, we really need to get the points. 

Both Kimi and Antonio Giovinazzi need to maximize their efforts, in order for Alfa to overtake Racing Point, Renault and Toro Rosso in the standings. 

Last week in Spa Raikkonen was in doubt, because of an injury he got himself during the summer break. 

My leg is not 100%, but it was okay to travel. It’s the brake leg, so it’s doesn’t matter, it’s better if I don’t brake. It was okay in Spa already, so now it is better.

“I would’ve never been in the race or the weekend if I didn’t think it’s okay. Also, thehe car wasn’t in the best shape."

Raikkonen was also asked about the penalties, as the FIA, the F1 organization and the teams have been talking about ways of streamlining the grid penalty system for 2020. 

The result of the talks are unlikely to become reality, and Kimi answered in the most Kimi way.

I don’t wanna even get involved.” He started.

“It’s a normal thing in go kart,” to have yellow cards which give the drivers warnings instead of straight penalties. “It has never been really used in Formula 1 for some odd reasons. We have the flag. I think it’s good, at least because for a lot of things it’s crazy to give a penalty straight away. You’ve been warned once and if you keep doing it then you get a penalty. The flag it’s been there for.. how many years? So… use it!

As said earlier, Raikkonen showed up yesterday to Ferrari’s celebrations in Milan for the 90 anniversary of the Scuderia. 

It was Ferrari’s thing, not F1. We wrote history, me and Ferrari, they asked me to go and I said fine. It was nice with the tifosi and other drivers. Ferrari’s history is great and so was the celebrations. I don’t really look so much to the past, I was many years there, I won a championship. Great to be part of the history. But I like where I’m now.”

Ferrari is now living a hard time, having scored its first win only in Spa last Sunday. Leo Turrini, famous Italian journalist, joked about the fact the Scuderia will win again with Robin (Raikkonen), who just started his “career” with go- karts, following his father footsteps. 


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I don’t know. Robin tried go. kart, he was asking it, I don’t know what he is going to be.” Kimi said about his son. “Who knows, I try to support him, it’s way too early.”

“It’s up to him, I don’t care. If he finds something then he enjoys, then I’m happy.” Said like the melted Ice Man, talking about his son. 

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