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Italian GP | Red Bull's rookie keeps overtaking Verstappen

Alex Albon finishes above his teammate for the second race in a row. Even with a five-second penalty in Monza, he managed to beat Verstappen again.

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Italian GP | Red Bull's rookie keeps overtaking Verstappen
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Monza isn't the right track for Red Bull cars. In Italy the team has never shown successful results. Moreover, before the Italian Grand Prix the team set the fourth latest version of Honda power unit on the Verstappen's car, what means the which meant getting the inevitable penalty.

Yesterday, in qualifying during the Q1, the wheels on Max's car strongly skidded on the curb, which led to the activation of the emergency mode of the engine and severely limited the available power. Due to the power loss, the Dutch had to return to the pits, and he wasn't able to drive a fast lap. As a result, Max started the race from the last position.

At the race start Verstappen was waiting for a surprise from the actions of the rivals in Turn 1, due to what he barely dodged the car of Sergio Perez, but nevertheless, broke the front wing and went to the boxes.

"I didn't even brake late, just drove and drove…," – Verstappen explained at the press briefing.

"Suddenly everyone stood up. I tried to avoid contact, but still caught Sergio – I think his rear wheel. My front wing went down and I had to go to the pits."

During the race, Verstappen managed to break through to the 8th place, but he twice ran into Perez, but still could not overtake him as Sergio was faster on the straights.

"I managed to pass quite a few cars but we got unlucky with the virtual safety car as it came out the lap after I pitted and three or four cars which I had already overtaken were back in front of me. I passed them all again but it was pretty painful on my tyres and then at the end I got stuck behind Perez for the second time in the race. I just couldn’t get past him as he was so quick on the straights."


Meanwhile, Max's teammate Alex Albon brought the team more points in Monza. Mixed race for the rookie of the team, in which Alex managed to show few beautiful and bold overtaking, get a penalty and finish above his teammate.

"There were positives for me even though the race didn't go as planned. I didn’t have a great start and had to fight my way back though the field," – Alex said.

"Unfortunately, we didn't have the pace on the straights to overtake so I had to do my manoeuvres on the corners. That resulted in a lot of side by side action and at one point I just lost a bit too much grip going that wide so it started to get messy. I had a few offs and took a five second penalty."

However, the driver is pleased with the pace of his car, which again allowed him to overtake the teammate, as a week ago in the Spa, where Alex finished 5th and Max retired of the race.

"My race pace is getting better with the car and I feel I have made a good step up from Spa so personally speaking I am happy."

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