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The birth of an idol

Charles Leclerc has won his first Italian GP today, has been the second victory in his career and just in front of all his Italian fans but ... today he has won much more than that

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The birth of an idol
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Charles Leclerc will remember this Sunday September 8 of 2019 all his life, Charles not only ended 9 years of drought for Ferrari in his home race, it is clear that his victory in the temple of speed means a lot to his career, today while his partner was wrong (once again spinning alone and his soul) he fought a brutal battle with the two Mercedes to achieve the second victory of his career. This victory mainly means ending the internal and external doubt about whether it deserves to be recognized unanimously as the number 1 of the Scuderia as of today, it seems clear that Sebastian Vettel's cycle as Ferrari leader has come to an end.

Charles getting out of his car shared his emotions:


“It's a great race, I had never been so tired, it was a very difficult race, because obviously for me and for the team and the guys, winning here is a dream, it was already my first victory but winning here in front of all the fans is what every driver dreams, is a thrill 10 times bigger, thanks to all. I am happy to win, I made a small mistake but fortunately we did not lose the position and we achieved the victory”

Already in the yard he was able to better describe his emotions:

"I think that if they gave me the choice of winning a grand prix with Ferrari I would have always chosen to win the Italian Grand Prix, from the beginning of the weekend it was something incredible, it came from my first win and winning here my second victory is simply incredible, it was very difficult to achieve it, they were very fast even more than us and with different strategies, there was nothing else we could do today, the podium is indescribable, I have no words to explain it, I never imagined being able to live a podium like this".

Piero Ferrari was also happy to witness the victory of his team in Monza: 

“I am very proud of this fantastic boy, he has done a fantastic job controlling every lap of the race, I have no words, emotions fill us with happiness, I have no words!”


Charles Leclerc was visibly excited to make the dream of winning at Monza come true, but it must also be especially satisfying to win at Monza as he did this Sunday, he endured all the pressure that Lewis Hamilton threw at him, last year Kimi Raikkonen could not stand him and today Leclerc shouted again to the world that is the future of Ferrari, that the pressure does not weigh on him and that when Ferrari gives him the car to compete from one to one he can beat anyone, his performance today has managed to unify the voices that they still doubted if Leclerc was ready to lead a team like Ferrari, Hamilton attacked him in the Roggia and in the "Prima Variante" and Charles resisted everything, Ferrari is undoubtedly the team with the greatest media and internal pressure in the world, in the top category of world motor racing. Today we not only witness the second victory of Charles, we also witness the birth of an idol for the entire Italian fans.


Charles Leclerc is placed with this victory in the fourth position of the world championship with 182 points surpassing in the classification to his teammate Sebastian Vettel, who by not adding points today is placed in the fifth position with 169 points.


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