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The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Monza  and who earned our Special Prize.

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Monza
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Ladies and gentleman, Signori e Signore, welcome to a new episode of Formula 1 Radio! 

This time we went there, to the so called Tempe of Speed, to collect all the funniest team radio of the Italian race weekend.


This year the Monza GP has been the home race to three different teams, Ferrari, Toro Rosso and Alfa Romeo, plus an Italian driver, Antonio Giovinazzi. 

If the Apulian made everything to steal the attention on Sunday morning on the stands with his fans, his team mate has put on a show like ever before.

Kimi Raikkonen, please, don’t ever leave Formula 1.

His weekend didn’t start on the right foot. 

Kimi Raikkonen - “I’m stuck.
Okay, okay.
Kimi Raikkonen - “It’s okay, but I’m stuck.”
“Yeah, all right. Full..”
Kimi Raikkonen - “Shall I switch off?”
“Full switch off procedure
.” (FP1)

But that didn’t stop the Ice Man from being.. the Ice Man.

Kimi Raikkonen - “It’s raining in turn 5. F**k!”
Kimi Raikkonen - “It’s raining in the back part of the track.”
“Okay, we can box then. If you think it’s not driveable box then.
Kimi Raikkonen - “I mean.. is the people stopping or nah?”
“Sainz is pushing, you can try if you want.” (FP2)

And, for your information, he’s called the Ice Man, but the doesn’t like the rain. 

However, the best part came during the race. 

I know that most of you remember the famous Monaco 2017 team radio. Well,  here’s part 2. 

Kimi Raikkonen - “Give me another wheel. Because something is wrong with the.. with the clutch pedal. Give me another wheel. Now!”
Kimi Raikkonen - “I cannot get out even!”
“Okay, don’t worry.
Kimi Raikkonen - “Second spare wheel.”
“Switch off, we have time, don’t worry
Kimi Raikkonen - “Yeah, there’s something wrong with the.. with the clutch pedal.”
“Okay, no problem. We have plenty of time.” (Pre- race)

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Look, if he's told you once...😂 . #F1 #Formula1 #ItalianGP #Raikkonen #Iceman @kimimatiasraikkonen @alfaromeoracing

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I mean, how can you not love him?

“Okay Kimi, box box box. We have a penalty. We have a stop and go penalty. SO stop on position.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “For what?”
“For incorrect start set.
Kimi Raikkonen - “What the f**k??”
“I know, I know, it’s ****! Ok.” 
Kimi Raikkonen - “What we do?” 
“Nothing, stop on position.
Kimi Raikkonen - “Tyres are not good anyhow.”
“I know, I know, but we can’t change them, so we have to go out again and I will have to change them later on.
Six, five, four, three, two, one… Go!
Kimi Raikkonen -  What is this all about?”
“Yeah it’s all about the quali set and start set, but I will explain you after the race
.”  (Race)

And because of his age, we would all think he is the one confused or deaf. But maybe the problem is Alfa Romeo. 

Okay, Kimi, let me know what you think.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “What?? Your radio is not very good.”
“Copy copy, keep pushing.”
Kimi Raikkonen - “Yeah, I try all the time, but apparently it’s…” (Race)

You try and you do it. There’s only one king to me, and it’s Kimi. Mic drop, period, bye. 

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Kimi, you’re the best! 😂 . #ItalianGP 🇮🇹 #Formula1 #F1 #Monza #Kimi7 #AlfaRomeo

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The Monza circuit is full of sweet memories for our young Canadian Lance Stroll. 

He did start on the front row there, in 2017, and Lance tried to be the fastest from the early minutes of the weekend to repeat his 2017 performance.

Lance Stroll - “DRS is unable, but it shouldn’t be in this conditions, no?” (FP1)

After a crazy Qualifying session, the Racing Point driver started 9th on Sunday, but the danger is always behind the corner… ops, I meant, the new Torpedo is around the corner.

Yellow flag, yellow flag.”
Lance Stroll - “What the f**k did the Ferrari just… He just came back on the circuit like an idiot!!”
“Is there any damage? Is there any damage?

Lance Stroll - “I think so, maybe?!”
“Tyres are okay, tyres are okay. We’ll look as you go past.
Lance Stroll - “Un-****** believable!” (Race)

I guess Seb took his revenge for Monza 2017.

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There’s a bit of history between Seb and Lance 👀 (🇲🇾 2017 ⬆️ and 🇮🇹 2019 ⬇️) . #F1 #Formula1 #ItalianGP #MalaysianGP #Vettel #Stroll #Ferrari #Williams #RacingPoint

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Obviously, even if we were in the Temple of Speed, traffic was a constant of the weekend.  And with traffic I mean contacts and misunderstandings. And this led, obviously, to 20 furious drivers. 

And we love it. 

Charles Leclerc - “Albon just stayed in the middle when he saw me, so couldn’t do exactly what you wanted.” (FP1)

Max, did you make contact with the barriers?
Max Verstappen - “No no no, but the car… check my front wing!”
“Yeah, front wing is damaged Max, so, front wing damaged
Max Verstappen - “Yeah, but massive?”
“Yeah, we think it’s hanging off the front.”
Max Verstappen - “You have footage?”
“Yes, Max, we are boxing this lap.” (Race)

Carlos Sainz - “I lost the car and hit Alex, without purpose. I had an oversteer.”
“Copy, I see the oversteer in the data, Carlos. Th oversteer is clear in the data.
” (Race)

Alex Albon - “Yeah, nice one Carlos!” (Race)

Oh, Alex, I can see great things coming from you.

Anyway, our new Red Bull driver can console himself thinking about how Carlos race ended.

Carlos the wheel is not tight. Stop the car.
Carlos Sainz - “The wheel is off. Argh!! Ay ay ay ay.” (Race)

It could’ve been a good weekend for the Spaniard, but maybe Fernando Alonso brought back some misfortune here in Monza for McLaren. 

Lando, Gasly’s still the car in front. The car in front of him was Grosjean, he’s pitted. If we can get in front of Gasly we get free air and it’s good for us.”
Lando Norris -Man just stop f**king talking while I’m trying to race!” (Race)

No, definitely not a good weekend for McLaren. 

Lewis Hamilton - “He didn’t leave me a car’s width there. He pushed me off!”
“Copy Lewis, we’re looking into that.
” (Race)

Black and white flag. No action at the moment.
Charles Leclerc - “Why?!” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc, love at first sight between these two. 

Lewis Hamilton - “There’s some dangerous driving going on!”
“Copy Lewis, we’re seeing it.” (Race)

Even Nico Hulkenberg tried to get into this couple. 

Hamilton boxed and is 4 and a half seconds behind you.
Nico Hulkenberg - “Let’s not lose time with him.” (Race)

The worst happened to Kevin Magnussen.

Kevin Magnussen - “Aaaaah, big.. big flatspot. Big. Really big.”
“Okay, understood, understood. Yeah, if it’s un-runnable we’ll box
Kevin Magnussen - “Yeah, box. Aaaaaah! F**k!”
“It’s alright, we’ll get you on a new tyre. We’ll catch back up and try and make something of it.
Kevin Magnussen - “Really sorry guys.” (Race)

And he has been even bullied by Sergio Perez.

Sergio Perez - “He’s not too clever, these guy!” (Race)

And obviously, we couldn’t miss the best of our “singers”, Romain, our beloved Romain. 

Romain Grosjean -  Okay, I got pushed by behind.. got the anti-stall. F**k!”
“Okay, we’re checking data, all looks okay on our side.”
Romain Grosjean - “Yeah. I got up in the air because I got the anti-stall so must’ve been a big hit, but it’s not fair that I had to go to the f**king thing ‘cause I lost all positions which is nothing from my fault.”
“Understood, understood.”
Romain Grosjean - “Mate, what’s the point of being rules in Formula 1 if no one f**king respects anything?” (Race)

The fact that Romain Grosjean says something like this really leaves me without words. 

Seriously, guys, get yourself together. 

Romain Grosjean - “I can’t drive like this. I honestly don’t know what’s going on.” (Race)


It’s now time for our Hit Parade and this time again, the podium is about celebrations! 

First of the pack is Antonio Giovinazzi. Our local hero collected two points in front of his fans. 

Antonio Giovinazzi - “Yes guys, YES! Finally!” 
“Good race Antonio. Very good race.”
Antonio Giovinazzi - “It’s for the team, thank you guys.” (Checkered flag)

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The first Italian F1 driver to drive at Monza since 2011, @antogiovinazzi99 gets his best finish of the season 👏🏼 🇮🇹 . #F1 #Formula1 #ItalianGP #Giovinazzi #AlfaRomeo #Monza

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Time to celebrate for Nico Hulkenberg too, P5 for him. 

That was beautifully measured driving there, Nico. Well done mate. Absolutely spot on! 
Nico Hulkenberg - “Cheers guys, good effort. Where’s Danny? P4 or.. what is he?”
“So Danny’s P4 and yourself P5.
Nico Hulkenberg - “Good job team. Nice bunch of points.” 
“Thank you.” 
Cyril Abiteboul - “Super job. Thank you very much, thank you really.
Nico Hulkenberg - “Thank you Cyril. Merci. Merci à tous.” (Checkered flag)

He even thanks the team in French, why you let him go, Renault? Why?

And the winner of the race of course, Charles Leclerc. We can still feel the Autodromo’s emotions.

You’ve done it!
Charles Leclerc - “Woooooooah! YES! Yeeeeeees! Yes, yes, yes! YES!”
Mattia Binotto - “Carlo, sono Mattia, oggi sei perdonato, sei tutti noi!” (Carlo, Mattia here. We forgive you for yesterday, thank you.)
Charles Leclerc - “Aaaaaaah! Grazie mille! Grazie mille. Grazie a tutti. Siete dei grandi. Mamma mia, mamma mia. Aaah, non ci sono parole. Grazie per tutto, grazie per tutto. Siete i migliori. Per sempre.” (Thank you so much. You’re the best. There are no words. Thanks for everything, the best for ever.)
Grazie a te!” (Checkered flag)

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The 11th driver to win for @scuderiaferrari at Monza 🔴 . #F1 #Formula1 #ItalianGP #Leclerc #Ferrari @charles_leclerc

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Speaking of team play, it wasn’t fair from Binotto to do this. As we say in Italy, just keep your dirty laundry at home. Or never take your dirty laundry to work. Whatever. 

Anyway, our winner is him, no matter what. 

We missed you, Daniel. P4 on track, P1 here on Formula 1 Radio! 

And that’s P4 for you. Awesome job mate. Bit of a boring one, but hey, that’s the hard work of the weekend. Awesome job this weekend mate.”
Daniel Ricciardo - “Finally. We get what we deserve. Thank you guys.”
“Hell yeah.”
Daniel Ricciardo - “Boring is okay.”
“Ahahaha. Nico is P5 as well. Awesome result for the team. Nice job mate
Daniel Ricciardo - “That’s huge. That’s huge. Well done guys. We finished it off. That’s a big day for us, for constructors. We’ll keep chipping away.”
“Pizza is paying off mate.”
Daniel Ricciardo - “Pizza pizza pizza! Ahaha!” (Checkered flag)

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P4! Pizza time!! 🍕 . With @danielricciardo in 4th and @hulkhulkenberg just behind, @renaultf1team get their first double top 5 finish since 2008 . #F1 #Formula1 #ItalianGP #Ricciardo #Hulkenberg #Renault

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Our Special Prize: Honestly, what are we doing here? Goes to… to the entire Q3! 

Here’s a recap of what happened.

To Nico Hulkenberg - “Okay, Nico, remember the plan, please, remember the plan. You’ve got Stroll right behind you.” (Q3)

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Not *quite* part of ‘the plan’ 👀😐😉 . #F1 #Formula1 #ItalianGP #Monza #Hulkenberg #Renault

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To Lance Stroll - “So watch Hulkenberg, he may play games, he won’t want to tow you.” (Q3)

To Charles Leclerc -We are tight with timing, I will let you know.” (Q3)

Sebastian Vettel - “Tell Charles to go.” (Q3)

To Valtteri Bottas - “We’ve got very little time in hand, try to get forward.” (Q3)

To Sebastian Vettel - “Need to push now.
Sebastian Vettel - “Yeah, tell him (Leclerc) to come in front then!” (Q3)

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You’ve seen the craziness on track, now listen to the radio 🤯 . #F1 #Formula1 #ItalianGP #Monza #F1Qualifying

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To Lewis Hamilton -If you can move up the field, that would be good.” (Q3)

To Carlos Sainz - “You need to defend the position, it is four or five seconds to the flag – most cars will not get it.” (Q3)

To Charles Leclerc - “And you can overtake, er, Sebastian – overtake Sebastian.” (Q3)

To Valtteri Bottas - “We are not safe.” (Q3)

To Lance Stroll - “Keep, keep pushing now, you need to go – you need to go!” (Q3)

To Daniel Ricciardo - “Okay Daniel, we missed the flag there, we missed the flag.” (Q3)

And then the Checkered flag appeared and no one, apart from Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, was able to do a timed lap. 

Sebastian Vettel - “Thank you, thank you.” (Q3)

Lewis Hamilton - “That’s not cool, they kept us all behind so we couldn’t get a lap. That’s an interesting tactic just to keep pole position, you just don’t need to do the lap.” (Q3)

Charles Leclerc - “What a mess, fwaaah! Pole position anyway guys. Thanks for everything.” (Q3)

No one will ever no what happened.

And we can’t wait to discover what will happen in Singapore.

For now, we’ll enjoy a pizza here in Italy. 

See you, ciao! 



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