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Williams keeps Mercedes powertrain until 2025: some future scenarios for Grove

Claire Williams and Toto Wolff spread nice words towards the renewal of the team for keeping the German engines. What’s boiling at Sir Frank’s house?

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Williams keeps Mercedes powertrain until 2025: some future scenarios for Grove
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“We believe Mercedes will continue to have an extremely competitive engine package going forwards. Over our time with them they have become a real friend of the team”. The words of Claire Williams broadcast serenity ahead of the renewal with the German manufacturer. Is it enough for the future on the technical side?

At the Chinese Grand Prix, the new consultant returned to the company that sees him among the shareholders’ board; Patrick Head has been involved to knot again the threads in what seems to be a dramatic situation. That was the ultimate survival move in order to save the team from the desperate last position both at every race and on the championship standings.

Alexander Albon lacks of experience in Formula 1 comparatively from his team-mate and is hoowering as much information as possible form Verstappen to become accustomed to Red Bull.

For the new coming season, a big question mark relies on the driver who will side George Russell (having already secured his seat for 2020): Nicolas Latifi started to peek out with the FP1 program in several rounds of the calendar; finishing second in F2 could boost his chances of being well rewarded from the management, having already a good budget to cover the amount needed for an entire season.

On the other side, Robert Kubica stated he has “a clear view on what is possible, what is not possible, and what I would like to do”: the Polish sponsor beside him in the WRC campaign and on the F1 return are on the verge of wanting something more than the last slot on the grid. Being a good friend of Lawrence Stroll family could have helped him finding a spot at Racing Point, as a ‘baby-sitter’ of son Lance; Sergio Perez’s renewal for next 3 years stopped his ambitions, until the final word.

What is sure, is the amount of financial loss severed by the team over the first half of 2019: 20,77 $ millions are gone in loss before the end of June. With the Advanced Engineering branch performing an increase in income of 30,9 £ millions compared to the 21,5 £ millions figure of 2018. Yet, this is the anchor where Williams ship is trying to re set its veils for catching again the right wind. Good luck.

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