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Is Ferrari close to come back to Barrichello and Massa times?

Ferrari principal Mattia Binotto about devision into number 1 and number 2 drivers in the team.

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Is Ferrari close to come back to Barrichello and Massa times?
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Do you remember at the beginning of the season Mattia Binotto openly told journalist that the team is primarily focused on its leader – Sebastian Vettel? However, after the first half of the season and numerous controversial events both inside the team and between the two red cars on the track, the following statement by the Ferrari principal appeared in the media:

"I grew up in Schumacher's time. He was number one. Next to him were Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa. I think we need to have a main driver and a co-driver who can win races and score points. Like Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas."

Does this mean that the management of the team is really considering the option of separating the drivers, at least until the end of season-2019? Ferrari understands that the team won’t be able to win the championship in either the Drivers and Constructors Cup. Charles and Sebastian could compete for victories in several races, thanks to the teamwork they have already achieved such results in Spa and Monza.

In Belgium team openly asked Sebastian to let go Charles, after what the German continued race, protecting teammate from Lewis Hamilton’s attacks. In Monza the race was held on a different plan – Vettel through his own fault dropped out of the fight with the leaders, but this moment has become more painful for the driver: he not only made another, has already become a traditional mistake, but also missed the chance to become the first driver to bring victory to Ferrari in Monza since 2010.

Another interesting fact, speaking in favor of the fact that Ferrari really coming to division of the drivers, is that at the beginning of the season, after a series of failures, which were often dictated by orders from the pit lane, Charles complained to his manager Nicolas Todt that he wasn’t happy with his positions in the team. This statement of the driver was made public in the media, and most likely, Ferrari had to take appropriate measures.

Anyway, in Monza qualifying, Charles didn’t follow the team's plan – the main point was to let pass Sebastian and give him the opportunity to slip-stream. Of course, that situation is absolutely ambiguous. Maybe, Leclerc really didn't manage to do it, let’s say, physically, because in Q3 during the last attempt chaos began on the track. However, this could be another story, where Charles turned the situation to his own, and deliberately didn’t pass the teammate, referring to mass confusion.

Moreover, after his victory in Monza, the driver not only got the official recognition of the Tifosi and the team, as he did a truly great thing, but also received a wage increase as a reward. Of course, it’s quite far from Vettel’s 30 million, but the situation is already beginning to change, and this is Charles' first and still unfinished season in Ferrari.

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