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Russian GP | Verstappen: “Realistically speaking P5 is the maximum I can do”

The Dutchman is going to have a long 53 laps on tomorrow’s race starting from 9th position

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Russian GP | Verstappen: “Realistically speaking P5 is the maximum I can do”
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Mad Max’ will start from 5 positions behind his well-earned 4th slot on timesheet this afternoon: on the round before home GP, Honda decided to stretch the legs of their PU in order to check if everything is on place for a big opportunity to score a solid performance in front of the Japanese staff.

 The qualifying went well, as Max admitted he gave everything, despite losing time on straight compared to the Cavallino cars:

“It was all right except I’ve picked up a little bit of dirt and I think perhaps there’s a little bit more in the last sector where I’ve been quicker in general. There’s not much more I think we can do: I’ve just how much time we lose in the straight compared to Ferrari. Yesterday we were in the same pace but today we lose almost a second so You can’t really fight them.

Russian GP poleman Charles Leclerc believes it will be crucial to make a good start to keep the lead of the race.

Tomorrow’s strategy looks like to be out of his and team Red Bull power; if anything happens at the Sochi Autodrom there are any guarantees that result will be any better that P5:

“It doesn’t really matter what You can do. Realistically speaking P5 is the maximum I can do, so to make yourself a little bit easier You take the fastest tyre. Soft [I think] it’s the way to go [for the starting tyre choice]. […] Maybe we’ll have a very good first lap and everything can change over the Safety Car.

Then as Alexander Albon crashed his RB19 on the barriers of turn 13, a question about teammates gave the chance for re-establish the famous proudness of Max in being the No. 1 for Red Bull in F1:

“I think I’m definitively like the car: to compare performances [with teammates] is really tricky. I try to push as hard as I can, I try to be as closest as possible to Mercedes and Ferrari. We know sometimes are a bit better than others; I think in general we’re so lacking to the top teams. Well, today I was happy I could have been in front of one Mercedes: the lap was good, there wasn’t much more that was satisfying. […] At the end of the day I think we design the car as fast as possible because if it’s good in qualifying should be good in the race: I don’t You go into a year and design the car around the race package. So, for me in qualifying as in the race it’s the same.

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