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Nico Hulkenberg's future: a leap in the dark

Nico Hulkenberg's future is at a crossroad in F1. As much as there is a chance for him to stay in the sport, in both of the options available he is not the only driver in contention for the seat.

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Nico Hulkenberg's future: a leap in the dark
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Nico Hulkenberg’s F1 run might not be over, as Formula E options are now closing down and the possibility of earning himself a seat either at Williams or at Alfa Romeo are still not to be counted out, yet he is not the only one who is being taken into account by such teams.

The German announced he will be parting ways with Renault at the end of 2019 with current Mercedes test driver Esteban Ocon stepping in and taking his place. Rumours linking Hulkenberg to a potential Formula E run have been circulating since then, and the whole story was supported by the evidence of the driver following FE team Jaguar on social media. However, the British outfit confirmed its line-up for the upcoming season and there will be James Calado partnering Mitch Evans.

As for further F1 opportunities, Alfa Romeo and Williams have not announced their 2020 line-ups yet, and Nico Hulkenberg has already been pictured in both outfits for next season.

As it stands, Alfa Romeo has the option to further evaluate Antonio Giovinazzi’s case, who has been underperforming also compared to his teammate Kimi Raikkonen. Moreover, following his crash in Spa, the team was rumoured to be reconsidering other options for the 2020, including test driver Marcus Ericsson who will be on driving duties in FP1 this month.

The Swiss-based team will be comparing performances between Hulkenberg, Ericsson and Giovinazzi as to decide who is more deserving of the seat at the end of the year, therefore, an official decision is likely to be taken towards the end of the year.

Williams, after parting company with Robert Kubica, may have laid its eyes on Canadian F2 driver Nicholas Latifi, who would come along with a 30 million euro budget. With the Grove-based outfit being in need of funds to obviate its financial struggles, the 24-year-old from Montreal might embody the perfect solution for the survival of the F1 outfit. However, a driver of Nico Hulkenberg’s calibre would bring the necessary amount of experience to guarantee satisfactory results and to bring his knowledge into car development. Furthermore, he would represent the perfect figure to put beside George Russell, who is currently a rookie driver in F1. The Briton would clearly have nothing against welcoming an F1 veteran as Nico Hulkenberg into the Williams family.

Both options sound rather alluring, especially if they could grant Hulkenberg a one-way-ticket to relaunch himself into F1 in order to prove himself and ascend rather than just being stuck in the midfield limbo.

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