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The fight for being the first driver of Ferrari has started

Ferrari has two drivers that want to win but they need to give the priority to one of them, who will it be?

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The fight for being the first driver of Ferrari has started
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Everything was going fine with Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel as teammates in the Scuderia Ferrari. But during the Singapore Grand Prix, the things started to mess up. Charles took pole and he was the candidate to achieve the race win but Seb took an advantage during the pit stops and he was able to overtake the Monegasque and achieved the win. Obviously, Charles wasn’t happy with the decision of Ferrari because they gave the priority to the German driver instead of him. Then, the Russian Grand Prix came and there was another internal fight in Ferrari. Their plan was that Charles needed to give Seb the slipstream so the German was able to overtake him and secure the 1-2 for the Italians, when Seb was able to overtake Charles, they would had swap the places so Leclerc was going to take the win. At the start, the plan was happening exactly as they thought but Seb was so much quicker and he was creating around 1 second of gap between him and the Monegasque. It was very risky to let Charles by because there was a lot of gap between both Ferrari drivers and Lewis was very close of Charles. Because of this, Ferrari decided to let Seb win the Grand Prix. This didn’t happen because Seb’s MGU-K had a failure and he was forced to retire. Leclerc wasn’t happy with the decision once again and started complaining on the radio with the phrase “I gave him the slipstream!”.

The fight for being the first driver of Ferrari has started and maybe, it would be like a Hamilton-Rosberg fight. As the things are going in Ferrari, the less they need now is another fight. Both of their drivers need to behave and respect the decisions of the team.

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