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Mercedes: small details to break legendary records

Toto Wolff explains how everything in the Mercedes' mechanism is set for the win. Even the smallest detail.

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Mercedes: small details to break legendary records
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Last Sunday, on the twisty circuit of Suzuka, Mercedes won their sixth consecutive Constructors' Championship, reaching Ferrari's 1999-2004 record. What's likely to happen now is to witness the -statistically speaking- best team in history in just a matter of weeks. Only maths deny to date another Drivers' Championship triumph for Mercedes, which may come already at the next round in Mexico. That would make a six doubles streak, something that has never been reached by anyone in the history of Formula 1.

Such a dominance doesn't happen randomly, everything needs to be just where it was planned to be and even the smallest detail can make a huge difference, even between winning or losing.
Toto Wolff knows that and that's why the german team-principal doesn't leave anything to fate. When asked about what's the secret behind the strength of Mercedes he replied: "It’s the people, the group of people that are working on the project each giving it all, playing the best game in their respective position and the strength of the pack that has made us win these championships.”


When I said Mr Wolff doesn't leave anything to chance I wasn't exaggerating: in order to deliver at his best, every single person in the 'machine' needs to have the best mental form possible. From the guy working in the factory, to the driver, from the engineer that designs the rear-view mirrors, to the team-principal himself. That's why everything belonging to the environment that surrounds the workers has to be planned to satisfy.
Outside the Silver Arrows' factory and headquarters every worker owns a personal parking space in order to avoid the frustration of looking for one and therefore to start the day in a better mood. Same thing happens concerning food and drinks in the working place: everything has to be of the best quality possible and possibly even for free, because we all know a full stomach makes the brain work better.
Another amazing detail comes from race trips: Mercedes fly their pillows all around the globe to let every team member have the best rest possible, no matter the location.

Wolff perfectly sums up the team's philosophy: "It’s about putting everything together and not leaving one stone unturned, having a no-blame culture, empowering [people], even when it’s difficult sometimes when you would rather control things."
A no-blame culture is something so fundamental in the victory-chain that seems crazy to witness other teams making their workers living in terror and we all know who I'm taking about.


There's therefore no surprise to see the results achieved by Toto Wolff as a team-principal: his winning menatlity and worker-based philosophy allowed the german constructor to rise among the legends of this sport in just seven years. A 1300 people army working together in the most efficient way possible coordinated not by a boss, but by a leader. This is the key of their success.


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