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A look at the sensational stats as Mercedes create F1 history

After claiming a sixth straight constructors title in Japan on Sunday, let’s take a look at the jaw-dropping stats that underline Mercedes’ complete domination of the sport in the last five years.

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A look at the sensational stats as Mercedes create F1 history
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On Sunday at Suzuka, Mercedes made history as they sealed a historic sixth consecutive constructors’ championship. With only Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas in contention to win the drivers’ championship now, they’ve made history by becoming the first team in the history of Formula 1 to have completed a clean sweep of both championships six years on the spin. 

Below, I take a look at the unbelievable dominance they’ve shown since 2014.  

*Stats are from Australia 2014 up to and including Japan 2019

Wins in the V6 era 

Mercedes’ winning record from 2014-2019 is extraordinary. They’ve been victories in 86 out of a possible 117 races (73.5%) in the last six seasons. That’s 51 more wins than Ferrari and Red Bull combined. 

They’ve got the record for most wins in a season with 19 back in 2016 (90.5%) when Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg fought for the title, with 2014 and 2015 equal second on the list.  

Even in their hardest season vs the competition last year, they still won 11 out of 21 races (52.3%). Five of their last six successful seasons feature in the top 10 of most wins in an F1 season.  

They’ve also achieved 10 consecutive wins on three separate occasions across this period as well. While McLaren still holds the record of 11 straight wins in 1988, Mercedes are the only squad to have won 10 races in a row on more than one occasion.  

Podiums in the V6 era 

This is another telling stat about how much Mercedes has ruled the sport since the turbo-hybrid era began.  

Out of a possible 234 spots on the podium with their two cars from 2014-2019, their total is an incredible 174 (74.3%); that’s 21 more than Ferrari and Red Bull combined. 

They also hold the top 3 positions for most podiums in a season. Mercedes achieved 33 with Hamilton and Rosberg in 2016. 32 podiums in 38 races in 2015 is a record amount in percentage terms (84.2%).  

They’ve also scored a staggering 47 one-two finishes across the last 6 seasons, too. 

Points in the V6 era 

Mercedes have scored 4,104 points over the last 117 races, while Ferrari and Red Bull have managed 4,738 between them. That’s quite a breathtaking stat when you consider the dominance these three teams have had over the rest of the field for the last four seasons. 

So, not surprisingly, they hold the record for the most points accumulated across an entire campaign. In fact, they lock out the top 5 places as of now; it will be the complete top 6 if they score another 39 points before the season comes to a close in Abu Dhabi.  

Mercedes’ highest average of points is 37, which they managed to achieve in 2015. 297 is their biggest winning margin from 2016; the Brackley-based team scored an astonishing 765 points that season. 

Only lost year did a team get within 100 points of them in the constructors’ championship, but eventually, they won it by 84 points from Ferrari.  

The gap is currently a whopping 179 points with four races to go in 2019. 

Poles in the V6 era 

This is another area where Mercedes have pummeled the opposition in. 92 poles from 117 qualifying sessions (78.6%) is a mind-blowing statistic. 

In 2016, they had a car on pole at every race apart from Monaco. 20 poles out of a possible 21 (95.2%) was something truly unprecedented, just like most of the records Mercedes have smashed out of the park in the last few years. 

2019 has been more of a challenge as they’ve only had 8 poles from 17 races (47.0%) as Ferrari have really taken a step forward in recent races. 

Nonetheless, they’ve annihilated the opposition in qualifying for the most part over the past six seasons. 


What Mercedes has achieved throughout the last 6 seasons is something truly special and unprecedented in the history of Formula 1. The Brackley squad has raised the bar to a new level and left the other teams trailing in their wake.  

Great reliability and incredible car speed have been incredibly important assets, but huge hunger and a never give up attitude in tough moments shows the incredible winning mentality they have. 

Records have tumbled left, right and centre thanks to their brilliance since the start of 2014. There aren’t many left to break now.  

From the outside looking in, there seems to be a great working relationship between each department and there are no politics within the team, unlike another big team in the sport. 

With the incredibly talented Lewis Hamilton and the brilliant team player that is Valtteri Bottas, the team has got the perfect driver pairing to complete an amazing chain. 

While you may not like the fact Mercedes have been so dominant in recent seasons, their feats deserve total respect. Congratulations to every single employee of the team on making history.  

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