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Jacques Villeneuve: Formula 1 has never been so good

One of the most popular and ambiguous critics in the Formula 1 paddock Jacques Villeneuve talks about the modern championship and changing the regulations for the season-2021.

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Jacques Villeneuve: Formula 1 has never been so good
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The former Formula 1 driver Jacques Villeneuve has always been distinguished by his bold, seemingly absurd, but in essence true statements. This time, the Canadian commented on several topical issues related to changes in the championship regulations, which are coming in 2021.

One of the actual questions that is asked almost every race weekend is the limitation of the teams' budgets. Jacques believes this idea isn't suited to F1 and confirmed his thoughts undeniable and very bright arguments.

"It’s [budget limitation] completely wrong. This isn't a sport made for a cheap, for the once that don't work properly. You can't penalize Ferrari or Mercedes for what they are doing. So, I don't understand the point: Formula 1 is supposed to be a pinnacle, the top of the mountain, only the best of the best of the best should be here.

Besides the teams will spend the money they have. Whenever they have made rules, made cost caps, it costs more every time. They banned testing and instead they spend millions on simulators," – Villeneuve said. It’s wrong. First of all, it doesn't work, it's very hard to compliance, and why would you want a crappy team to start winning races? Why? It would be the same as get in other sports and like "oh, poor you, it’s more difficult for you, let's help you, so, you can win". Why? Go to skiing and tell "you know, you aren’t strong so we give you a better ski". It's completely wrong."

"In any way it would never help to small teams, because it's a balancing act. Now, take Williams, they spend a hundred million. If you make a budget cap at hundred million, they won't spend hundred million to win, they will spend 30 million to put 70 million in the pockets, and still be last. So it won't actually change anything," – Jacques stated.

Recently, the paddock is increasingly discussing qualifying races with a reverse grid. Almost all the drivers expressed their opinion on it, and almost all of them are reduced to denial of this idea. Jacques Villeneuve was no exception and said that such decisions destroy the DNA of the sport, which was built for decades.

"It's fun, but it's not Formula 1, it's not racing. It's turning the professional sport into a game. If that's what you want – good, but it takes away from the sport itself. It took 70 years to build this sport, you can't destroy it because it's fun, to create the better TV show."

Speaking in general about the modern Formula 1 championship, Jacques made an unexpected statement – in his opinion, now F1 is living its best life. Also, the Canadian compared the modern championship with what it was in the 50s-70s years, and confirmed by this example that the best time in F1 – now, and it doesn’t need any changes.

"The racing has never been so good! So, I don’t know why people complain. People always remember the '50s, '60s, '70s, and the era of Prost and Senna in McLaren, and they thought it was amazing. Yes, Prost, Senna and everybody else one lap behind. There was no overtaking, and people still said it was amazing?

Those days drivers were gladiators, they were men. They were fighting 15 laps to create an overtaking, and then you saw this overtaking, it was beautiful. Now we get a lot of overtaking, because of DRS, that's not so exciting. In past the drivers were much less blocking each other, you always left the door open, but now blocking is part of racing. That's why we have less action than it could be," – Jacques thinks. Anyway now the action on the track is higher than ever, so why we are complaining? Is it because now we live in an era when every 5 seconds we need something? I don't know. Whenever you try to change the championship like this, you destroy it. That was in NASCAR and every other championship. Look, when they try to make big changes like this, they just do damage."

The interview to be continued. All quotes of the driver are provided by website https://www.championat.com

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